Tuesday, 1 August 2006

A Lia Update

Tuesday, 1 August 2006
So Lia's 14 months old today. I've been very remiss when it comes to posting updates about her (in fact very remiss about posting updates about anything just lately) but I blame the heat as it's been too darned hot in England to do anything just lately.

Anyway, back to Lia. She finally took some independent steps last weekend. She's been walking for a couple of months but only holding someones hand or pushing her little trolley as she's a bit nervous about letting go. DH has been busy telling her she's 'chicken-shit' and I've been busy telling him how much parts of him are going to hurt if that's her first word...

She discovered the stairs a while ago and can scale them in about a nanosecond so we're having to be extra vigilant with the stairgate. She gets to climb them when she has to be upstairs but they are really steep with a wooden floor at the bottom so I'd prefer her not to fall down them.

She made her first phone call at the weekend too. She got hold of DH's mobile and called my Mum. We saw her chatting with the phone to her ear (she does that with any phone) but hadn't realised she'd dialled till my Mum called us on the other line to say that we should maybe check what Lia was doing.

She's still a really good kid. She gets herself to sleep and when she wakes up she sits and chats to the cat she has in her cot with her till one of us goes to get her up. She eats absolutely anything (she helped her Grandad eat some very strong, garlicy salami at the weekend) as long as it's possible for her. She's still only got 8 teeth so she has problems if she has to chew something tough.

Just recently she seems to have had a growth spurt (upwards not outwards) but she's still pretty much average size for her age which is good.

She's mastered her shape sorter puzzles and is getting the hang of the baby jigsaws she has. Also she loves books, although mainly just turning pages rather than looking at the words but I guess she's a little small to be doing that just yet. LOL.

I think that's all really. She's such a happy little thing and is very patient when being dragged here, there and everywhere and meeting new people. The whole world is funny as far as she's concerned and everyone is a potential playmate.

Here's a pic from bathtime last night. I'll take a few more this week and post some at the weekend.


Erin said...

Glad to hear she is doing so well. Walking alone can be very scary, but she'll get there soon enough. That is so funny about the phone! Luke would do that, if I ever gave him the chance. And at almost 2, he would still rather just flip the pages than "read" the book. LOL


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