Tuesday, 14 September 2010

We're home

Tuesday, 14 September 2010
We've actually been home for nine days now but last week was a blur of unpacking, washing, ironing, getting ready for school, shoe shopping and school days! I'm back to feeling pretty much like we never had a holiday LOL.

We had a fabulous time away, the weather was amazing (32 - 40 degrees) and we swam in the sea, in a river, in swimming pools, we saw relatives that I'd never met (and some that I had), travelled the whole length of Greece and back, shopped, ate and relaxed.

Here's some pics from the trip:

Me and Connor (yes a rare pic of me!)

DH and Lia

Kavala - our house is one of those on that big hill!

Connor and DH in the sea


So now we're back home and settled down into a routine. We're on the run up to Christmas now which means it's a countdown till I'm back at work in January! Time has flown by and I know it'll be even quicker towards the end of the year.

Lia is now officially in year 1 at school and yesterday lost her first tooth! She's most excited about not being the smallest in the school and is really happy to be back. Connor is now a blonde! His baby hair is pretty much gone other than a quiff and his new hair is very blonde indeed. He's rolling over properly now and can roll back too. As of last week he's been eating solids and loving it - no building up slowly, he's right in there demanding lots of food.

As for me, I'm just organising a big party for next year. I hit 40 (OMG!!!) in April and I always use a 'zero' birthday as an excuse for a party plus we're having Connor christened on the morning of the party so it'll be a joint birthday / christening. A little unorthodox but hey, that's me LOL. I have ambitious plans for the party so will no doubt spend the next seven months going a bit bonkers getting it all organised and being waaaaay too excited for my own good.

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