Thursday, 10 February 2011

Silly Safari Quilt

Thursday, 10 February 2011
This again is a quilt I started a very long time ago.  I should add that I made four quilts out of this fabric collection and gifted them to various baby boys so I was kind of 'safaried' out after that.  I also knew that it wasn't something that Lia would appreciate so I'll admit that I put it aside in the hope that I would have a boy myself at some point.

So now I have I need to get it finished up.  I've got all the blocks made and all the strips for the border cut so I just need to get my finger out and put it all together. Here's a taste of the fabrics:

The backing fabric is the centre fabric of the bottom left hand block and I also have a fat quarter of labels (not sure if that's the right term but they're little squares each with a pic of one of the animals in) that I'm thinking to applique on the blocks with the plain colour squares in the centre (bottom right)


Mad about Craft said...

It is really bright, cheerful fabric, it will be a lovely child's quilt.

Zoe said...

Pretty fabric- so close to being done too- I find cutting is the slowest part! Good luck on finishing it!


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