Friday, 11 February 2011

Jelly Roll Bags

Friday, 11 February 2011
Yet another 'hang my head in shame' post.

The summer before last we went on holiday to a wonderful set of cottages in Devon that happen to also include a quilting shop on site.  We went with my Mum, DH's parents, my Sister and BIL and my Niece and her husband and little girl - a really lovely family holiday (apart from the rain!)  So my Mum saw the pattern for this bag and asked me to make her one and my MIL wanted one too.  They chose the fabrics (spookily they both wanted the same ones) and I said I'd make my Mum hers for her birthday.

My Mum has had two birthdays since the fabric was purchased and I still haven't finished the bag.  My MIL did get hers which is even more shaming.  Anyway I am determined that this is to be the first project I work on finishing and I also started one for me that I was making up in parallel so hopefully I'll get both of them done this month.

You can probably guess that the top one is hers and the bottom is mine.  I think my biggest issue with it has been that I really don't like her fabric choice so haven't enjoyed working on the bag (hence the idea of making mine in parallel).

Oh and if you're at all interested in the cottages it's Villavin Farm on the Devon/Cornwall border.  The cottages are super and Jo who runs them and the quilting shop is just lovely, I can't recommend them enough.  Again the website isn't great and certainly doesn't do justice to her stock but if you're looking for something do give her a call as her service is fantastic.


Sheila said...

And so you should be hanging your head in shame - your poor mum :) Look forward to seeing it finished VERY SOON!

Z said...

Hey, you're not as bad as me yet. March marks the 10th anniversary of the original date for which one of my pieces was supposed to be for. Somehow I think you're going to finish your late present before I finish mine.


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