Thursday, 18 March 2010

Tail Feathers

Thursday, 18 March 2010
So I've finally completed the quilt top. It's huge! I do still have the stitchery to do but I'm thrilled I've managed to put the top together - it's probably the fiddliest quilt top I've made so far - over 300 1" blocks for a start!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Work, what's that?

Monday, 15 March 2010
So I'm now officially on maternity leave with less than four weeks to go till Junior arrives.

I plan on taking things nice and easy but do have a few jobs to get done as well. Today I'll be finishing up the ironing and then working on Tail Feathers - I have a window of five hours to myself on week days while Lia's at school so I'm hoping I can get one job plus some crafting done every day.

And even if I just lie on the sofa and veg in front of the TV at least I'm not at work LOL.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

No I haven't had the baby yet...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
I'm just short of things to say here at the moment!

It's still four weeks to go and I've now officially entered the fat and uncomfortable stage. I have two more days at work and then I officially won't be working again until 2011! I'm pretty much exhausted by the time I get home these days and the hardest part of the day is getting through the hours between school pick up and Lia's bedtime as I have so little patience I find myself snapping at her.

Poor thing, she's being an angel at the moment but it must be hard having a grumpy Mummy! I put a stop on play dates a couple of weeks ago so she's not getting fun time with friends either at the moment but I'm thinking that will change next week as I'll be able to rest a bit during the day when she's at school.

It doesn't help of course that DH has been working late a lot recently so he's been getting home after bedtime which is normally his job.

I've not been doing too much crafting wise - lack of energy in the evenings means most nights I just can't be bothered to pick anything up - but I have done a bit more on my stitched Noah's Ark quilt as I figure if I don't make the effort to get it done in time for Junior's arrival it'll end up at the bottom of the WIP pile until I'm on course to be a Grandmother.

Any spare energy has been spent clearing up in the house and getting domestic jobs done. Today I phoned round to arrange quotes for carpet cleaners and have three coming tomorrow and friday so hopefully one of them will be able to come next week and get that done. Other than that the last job on my list is a full internal valet of the car - I usually get it done once a year and it makes sense to do it now rather than when I have to juggle a baby too.

I still haven't found the foot pedal for my sewing machine though...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

In my defence...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010
I'm really tired. And I was bored at work. And I had about 10 mins to fill till I could leave. And it was a lovely sunny day. So I surfed a bit. I did avoid the stitching shops but I had a quick look at some of the quilting shops and I happened to go to Thread Bear (fab shop, fantastic service, huge variety of stock - go check them out!).

And whilst there I thought I'd see what they had in that was new and I saw this lovely charm pack. And because it was sunny and spring has sprung and my defences were weak plus they're lovely little girl colours I had to buy it.

And of course then I googled Moda's Spring Fever and I found this lovely quilt kit. I'd like to say that no, I didn't buy the kit - for a start I'm not buying from the US at the moment as I had two import duty bills recently which I don't mind paying, it's the £8 on top that the Post Office charge that bugs me, and also it seems to be taking at least twice as long as usual for anything to get here from the US and I'm running on limited time!

Anyway, I thought maybe I'd see if there was a jelly roll around and sure enough, a quick google found them at Nerybeth Crafts (I've removed the link because they appear to be out of stock now!) so of course I just had to get one as a charm pack on it's own won't make a particularly big quilt now will it?

So I'm now excitedly waiting for my stash! I've been really good up until now but I couldn't resist these and also I got my Health in Pregnancy grant through last week and decided that having a small stash purchase will help my health no end LOL.

Talking of pregnancy I'm now 34 weeks and at the point where I want it over and done with. Sleep is almost non-existent, I'm averaging 3 - 6 hrs a night with a lot of waking up. It's my dumb restless leg syndrome which has now spread to my arms as well. I knew it was going to get worse, it did when I was pregnant with Lia, but it's just unbearable some nights and worse when I'm tired so it's a bit of a viscious circle. Still, I don't have any other symptoms and everything else is going well so I'm just grinning and bearing it and counting down the days.

I finish work at the end of next week and then it'll hopefully be a bit easier as I can nap during the day if I need to

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