Wednesday, 10 March 2010

No I haven't had the baby yet...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
I'm just short of things to say here at the moment!

It's still four weeks to go and I've now officially entered the fat and uncomfortable stage. I have two more days at work and then I officially won't be working again until 2011! I'm pretty much exhausted by the time I get home these days and the hardest part of the day is getting through the hours between school pick up and Lia's bedtime as I have so little patience I find myself snapping at her.

Poor thing, she's being an angel at the moment but it must be hard having a grumpy Mummy! I put a stop on play dates a couple of weeks ago so she's not getting fun time with friends either at the moment but I'm thinking that will change next week as I'll be able to rest a bit during the day when she's at school.

It doesn't help of course that DH has been working late a lot recently so he's been getting home after bedtime which is normally his job.

I've not been doing too much crafting wise - lack of energy in the evenings means most nights I just can't be bothered to pick anything up - but I have done a bit more on my stitched Noah's Ark quilt as I figure if I don't make the effort to get it done in time for Junior's arrival it'll end up at the bottom of the WIP pile until I'm on course to be a Grandmother.

Any spare energy has been spent clearing up in the house and getting domestic jobs done. Today I phoned round to arrange quotes for carpet cleaners and have three coming tomorrow and friday so hopefully one of them will be able to come next week and get that done. Other than that the last job on my list is a full internal valet of the car - I usually get it done once a year and it makes sense to do it now rather than when I have to juggle a baby too.

I still haven't found the foot pedal for my sewing machine though...


Kathy A. said...

Oh, hon. I hope that you have the baby soon and can feel a little less uncomfortable. Enjoy your time at home and relax as much as you can.


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