Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hand dyed fabric for sale

Tuesday, 22 February 2011
All Sold!!!

9 x 13 (all £2.50)
Abaracadabra 28ct Lugana
Blue Fusion 28ct Lugana
Inspiration 28ct Opalescent Lugana
Mystic Glow 28ct Opalescent Lugana
Rock Quarry 32ct Lugana
Cashmere Glitz 28ct Opalescent Lugana
Mountain Rose 28ct Lugana
Treasure Trove 28ct Opalescent Lugana

13 x 18 (all £5)
Monarch 28ct Cashel Linen
Ametrine 28ct Opalescent Lugana
Frosted Pumpkin 28ct Cashel Linen
Jamaica Sunset 28ct Lugana
Tiger's Eye 28ct Lugana
Summer Sunset 28ct Lugana
Desert Sky 32ct Lugana
Jungle Boogie 28ct Lugana
Mystic Night 32ct Linen

18 x 26 (all £10)
Desert Sky 32ct Lugana
Mountain Rose 28ct Lugana
Autumn Sunrise 32ct Lugana
Inferno 28ct Lugana

Custom Cuts
22 X 16 Autumn Breeze 28ct Lugana £7
31 x 21 Sparkling Promise 28ct Opalescent Lugana £11


Joyus said...

If you're interested in buying any of the fabrics please email me at joy dot anderson at gmail dot com

Sheila said...

Ahhh I thought it was quilting fabric you were selling - and that was quite a worry :)

Joyus said...

No no no Sheila, certainly not! I had actually squirrelled away all of this fabric and on finding it decided to get rid of it - I'm sure I'll never get round to stitching on most of it.

Sally(salster74) said...

Sent you an email Joy


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