Tuesday, 10 October 2006

First School Photo

Tuesday, 10 October 2006
So I make a resolution to keep the blog more often then get struck down with an infection that keeps me away from the computer for nearly two weeks. Then our router dies and stops me accessing the net from home. Someone, somewhere is making this difficult for me!

But I'm back, fully healthy and determined to stay that way if at all possible.

Life chez Family V has been ticking along nicely. We've just had an interesting weekend of molar teething which did involve several episodes where Lia would fling herself on the floor and scream blue murder for no apparent reason and two nights of really broken sleep.

However, the teeth are through now so we can just look forward to the next time. We are half way - 10 teeth have arrived - but as most of the rest are molars I'm sure we're in for a few more upsets.

Talking wise she's connected the word Dada and DH's presence a few times but, if I'm really truthful I'm not 100% convinced yet that she's really saying Daddy and meaning it but we're obviously very close.

We had a really fun weekend (apart from the teeth) as we went to Carter's Steam Fair on Saturday afternoon, it's smaller than I expected but worth a visit, Lia had her first ride on a carousel and both DH and I won cuddly toys for her (him at the archery stand and me by picking a winning duck!) Sunday morning we went to a local park and let Lia run around to her heart's content - she was up and down into the bandstand, up hills, up onto walls (with Daddy) and generally making herself laugh just by having space and freedom to run without holding a parental hand. It was a really sunny morning and the park was almost empty which meant we could relax and let her have fun without being too worried about losing her in a crowd.

She's now 16 months old and has just had her first 'school' photo taken at nursery. I wasn't going to bother getting a copy (we have A LOT of pics of her) but they are so cute I couldn't resist. We got the smallest pack possible - one 8x10 and four 6x4 - and it was still £16! Still, we get to keep the big one, my parents get one small and the other three small go to Greece. The best thing is that in this electronic age I can share it with everyone else too so here it is:

In other news I've taken up the '50 Project Challenge' which is that I will complete 50 Cross Stitch projects from my stash before buying any more. I've already completed 1 but I reckon it'll take me at least 5 years to complete all 50 so I've made one exception in that after 25 completed projects I'm allowed a one off purchase of stash as a half-way treat.

I've also decided I need to revisit my 101 things list as I'm woefully behind keeping up with it so I will probably revise the list slightly in order to have a chance to complete it.

That's all really, I hope that I will get more regular updates here now as several people have emailed to check where I am which is great as it's nice to know my ramblings are being read!



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