Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Christmas is Coming...

Tuesday, 28 November 2006
...and I'm ready for it!

Not only have I completed my Christmas shopping I also spent the weekend making Christmas puddings which are distributed to various members of the family. All I have to do now is write my Christmas cards (most of which were bought in the January sales this year) and I'm done!

I know that's probably made several of you out there decide you hate me but in my defense we're off to Greece a few days before Christmas so will be having an early Christmas with my family before we go. Add to that the whole packing issue and you'll understand why I want to try and be organised.

Gift wise it has been relatively simple this year because as of last year I agreed with a lot of my family that we wouldn't exchange presents any more - now they just give something to Lia. It makes way more sense than scrabbling around trying to come up with ideas of things we'd like or things to buy others and Christmas really is Lia's time now, not ours.

My real problem this time of year is DH as his birthday is Boxing Day so I'm constantly being asked what people can get him and he's not the easiest of subjects (what man is?) Still, even he is all sorted now so I can relax a while before the panic of packing. Obviously we're not taking all the gifts with us - thank goodness Lia is still small enough to not understand Christmas and won't be disappointed at leaving all her presents behind (especially the tricycle from Grandma and Grandad).

We finally discovered the source of Lia's 'illness'. Now she'll let us look in her mouth she has four new teeth! Four all at once, no wonder she was under the weather. She's got a cough at the moment but apart from vaguely being disturbed at night she's not showing any real discomfort. I seem to have the same thing but I've pretty much totally lost my voice with it - I feel absolutely fine but I'm croaking like an old crone much to everyone's amusement!


Anonymous said...

DH and I have decided that this is the last year we're buying presents for anybody except kids in the family. TBH, we never know what to get people anyway and the expense is just ridiculous. Plus DH's family don't like asking for suggestions and just buy stuff they *think* we'd like, KWIM?

SheilaSpain said...

Yup, you're right, I do *hate* you :) I'm coming back to the UK next week and I haven't done cards, gifts, and 1001 other things yet and I know they'll all take way longer than I think. I haven't even unpacked my winter clothes yet.
Glad to hear about Lia's teeth:)


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