Monday, 11 December 2006

Normal Service is now resumed...

Monday, 11 December 2006
Okay, I'm over my irritated period now. At least I think I am.

I would like to say that, other than B from work and Anthea Turner, none of the comments I made in my last post were directed at anyone in particular. If anyone who reads this blog now thinks that I'm secretly irritated by them please don't. If someone irritates me I'm not good at hiding it and I don't bother interacting with them IRL or on the www.

So, what's new with me? Well we had our first official 'accident that involves at trip to casualty' yesterday. Lia was having a bit of a strop, threw her head back and smacked it square on the corner of a shelf. There was blood and everything! It was an almighty bang that scared the life out of me and DH. It's not a huge cut and she's fine but we spent 3 hours at the hospital waiting to get her checked out. They put some glue over the cut and we have orders not to get it wet for five days.

Thankfully, apart from a huge bump, she's fine with it and back at nursery today. I did think about keeping her home but she has way more fun at nursery and I'm completely out of holiday days so would have to take unpaid leave. I am jumping every time the phone rings though.

Our trip plans are coming along nicely. We have a huge pile of food to take with us - I'm pretty sure one whole suitcase will be full just with that. I'm also obsessing about the size of hand luggage as normally we're the family that everyone hates and have about 8 bags to take on board. Obviously with the new regulations we can't so I've bought a huge bag for all of Lia's stuff for the flight - it is pretty much the maximum size we're allowed and now we're going to get a second one for DH. Plus my slightly smaller hand luggage, three suitcases and a car seat, we'll be a real sight! At least we don't have a pushchair this trip as we left one in Greece last time.

Today I got my hands on the Christmas Radio Times which has all the TV listings for the two weeks we're away so I'm listing all the things I want to tape. Thank god I don't watch soap operas or we'd have no chance. We've got a DVD recorder which gives us around 40 hours of space so I should be ok LOL

Typically the one thing I REALLY want to see is on Sky which we don't have. It's the adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather and I am a huge TP fan (have been right from his first discworld novel back in 1983). Still, it'll be released on DVD next year and I'll buy it then anyway so I can wait.

We're having a massive clean up this week as I'm determined to have the house in order before we leave. We'll be getting back around 11.00pm and I know things will just be dumped on the floor for me to organise the next day when DH is safely back at work so I want the mess that is there now gone so I only have one lot to deal with.

We're braving a trip to IKEA this weekend as we need to get a TV stand for the TV we'll be buying in the January sales. We sold our huge 32" widescreen TV this weekend in preparation and will be getting a flat-screen as a replacement. I'm letting DH do all the organising as to what we're getting because frankly all I care about is being able to watch CSI and Casualty. Whether or not there is a tiny amount of pixillation doesn't even register on my 'give a shit' register LOL.

We'll also be buying Lia her first proper bed as she needs to learn how to sleep in a 'grown up bed' now she's too big for travel cots and will have to use a proper bed if we go anywhere.

Despite all my organisation I still haven't written my christmas cards or wrapped any gifts. I have set aside wednesday evening to do that as DH is on his work's christmas party so I'll have the evening free. Also Lia has her christmas party on Thursday and I have to take a present for Santa to give her at that. I won't be able to join her as I'm in an all day meeting and I'm sure I'll be the only Mum not there but I think she'll forgive me.



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