Monday, 19 February 2007

A Pic Filled Update

Monday, 19 February 2007
We're internet-free at home at the moment and have been since before Christmas. Changing our ISP seemed like a good idea at the time but we're certainly regretting it now. We chose Talk Talk (and yes we did know about the complaints) because they have a great package - £20 a month is line rental, 8mb broadband and unlimited anytime local, national and international phonecalls.

The hook for us was the international calls. DH calls home a lot. Granted, not as much as his mother calls us (two to three calls a day every day) but enough that the deal will be saving us around £40 a month.

We did know the horror stories about Talk Talk so we weren't expecting a speedy services but they certainly are moving at a snail's pace. Thankfully we can connect using DH's new mobile as a modem for only £1 a connection (up to 24hrs) so I now have limited access at home. The current ETA for broadband being back is 1st March so finger's crossed.

So, what's been happening with us? Well Lia is bigger and chattier. She seems to be doubling her vocabulary daily at the moment. Current favourite words are: Mummy (finally!), cat, bubbles, shoes, coat, chair, spoon, milk, toast, oh dear and oh no. Her animal impressions have extended to include snakes, dogs, sheep and monkeys and reading is much more interactive now she's pointing out the things she knows.

We've also caught her counting to five (okay, missing out one but definitely two, three, four and five) and she's taken to telling me when she's going to poo! All in all my little girl is growing up fast. She had her first haircut on friday - I did it and it's not as bad as I thought it might be. She looks like she has a mop-top mind you but my hairdresser advised keeping it quite short so it has a chance to thicken up rather than grow all wispy. It's also easier to manage.

So here's a couple of pics:

Pre Hair Cut

Post Hair Cut

Our Little Sailor!

As for me, no internet has meant more stitching time so I'm up to 13 finishes on my 50 project challenge and have made good progress on some larger WIPs. I'm on my fifth book of the year so I'm doing well with my reading challenge (but not so well keeping my reading blog up to date!) And I've also lost half a stone so my weight loss is going well too.

My latest stitching project was a biscornu. I'd never attempted anything like this before but Karen has had a hand in starting a Finishing Blog and I was inspired to give it a go. I'm pleased with my first attempt and have a bit more confidence to try new techniques now.

Here's the finished article - it's a freebie pattern and I used fabric, floss, beads and buttons from my stash so it really was a great addition to my challenge.

In other stitching news here's a couple of finishes and a couple of WIPs. Just to prove I do actually stitch. LOL

Lili of the Valley's 'Make a Wish' (I used Silkweaver Intrigue 28ct linen)

A Mill Hill Snowman Banner

Sleigh Ride WIP

Cut Thru Igloo WIP

So that's about all from me for now I guess. Next month sees the much heralded arrival of my Greek nephew so everything is focused on that right now. DH is looking for a new job (because he's bored rigid at the old one) and there's changes coming at my job (but nobody knows exactly what) but hopefully both of us will be more settled by the middle of the year so we can start thinking about moving house and baby number two...



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