Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Getting Organised

Tuesday, 9 December 2008
Well the weekend was more fun than I could ever convey in a blog post. There were nine of us at the GTG and we spent most of the day hysterical with laughter. Plenty of food was eaten and cups of tea drunk and very little actual stitching was achieved.

It was just the tonic I needed and I want to thank all of those who attended for a completely silly day. Poor Lia may take longer to recover though - she spent a lot of the time telling us off for being 'too noisy'!

One of the things I mentioned to them all is that I've devised a strict stitching rotation for myself in 2009 and yes, this was one of the things that caused the most hilarity given they all know how bad I am at sticking to this kind of thing. However they should also all know that the more they tease me the more stubborn I'll get about sticking to it.

The thing is though I've completely failed to reduce my WIP list in 2008 - in fact unless a miracle happens this festive season I'll end the year with one more WIP than I started with. I've had lots of finishes (28) but most of those (25) were new starts rather than existing WIPs. I've never had a problem with the value of stash I have but I am starting to have a problem with the volume - I have so many projects, all of which I still love and intend to stitch so I need to work on reducing what I have.

This is also true of quilting and scrapbooking and whilst they aren't included in my rotation plan they are included in my general hopes for 2009. I want to get four scrapbooks finished and I want to use my quilting skills to make smaller items such as bags, table runners, etc as there's a limit to the amount of space we have to put large quilts.

I hadn't intended to post my rotation plan on this blog but I probably will now I've written about it. I do reserve the right to edit it though but only when a project is finished and I have to swap another project in. I will also take pictures of each piece before and after they're worked on so I can monitor my yearly progress.

So 2009 will be the year of stash consumption. Honestly it is. And if I stick to my plan I could have as many as 10 projects off my WIP list, progress on around 7 more, several quilting projects and four scrapbooks to show for it. Not to mention a warm fuzzy glow from being so good and reducing my stash.


Sheila said...

Oh you are funny :)

Karoline said...

It's going to have to be the year of stash consumption for me in 2009 as it's looking increasingly unlikely that I will be going back to work. Good thing I have a huge stash LOL!

Good luck with your rotation


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