Saturday, 7 August 2010

Summer holidays days 11 to 16

Saturday, 7 August 2010
No I didn't get bored detailing the minutae of our holiday life, I took the kids back to my hometown for a few days and, as I stayed with my sister, was away from all forms of modern communication (not only do they not have internet I forgot my mobile phone at home!)

So we had a nice few days down there chilling out and enjoying spending time with family. Now we're home we've spent the day chilling out with friends and making stuff with Hama beads (Lia made three things, her friends made one each and I made six. Really.)

DH is at a beer festival today so he'll be good for nothing tomorrow which is why I invited friends around for a BBQ. Ok, it's really because I'm trying to empty the freezer before we go away in nine days but I'm such an evil wife I'm going to enjoy him suffering a hangover whilst cooking burgers...

In other vaguely interesting news I'm no longer breast feeding. I was going to keep it up (I'd been thinking about stopping before suffering in the heat in Greece) but my body had other ideas and my milk started to dry up. I've no idea why as Connor was feeding the same as usual and I had had plenty of milk but we persevered for a week with him valiantly trying to stimulate the milk but to no avail. I gave him his last feed on Monday evening and since then he's been a bottle only boy.


Sheila said...

I didn´t think there was anyone left who didn´t have the internet :) Glad to hear Connor is sorted out before your holiday---which seems to have come around very quickly.


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