Monday, 25 July 2011

Some Beautiful Finishes

Monday, 25 July 2011
And I can tell you that they're beautiful because I didn't do them LOL.  For a long time now (years!) I've been in awe of the finishing skills of Karen so I was thrilled when she launched her finishing service a while back.  Admittedly it's taken a while for me to get round to using the service but I sent three pieces off to her last week and have been bowled over with what I received back today.

Without further ado, here they are (all are clickable for bigger pics):

Spooky Spots by Shepherd's Bush finished as a wall hanging

Fa La La by Shepherd's Bush finished as an ornament

A design that I embarassingly cannot remember the name of finished as a cushion

I sent Karen some lavender which she included in the cushion stuffing so I'm typing this as the scent is wafting around me.

I'm now trying to decide which pieces I can send after the next pay day!

So, in case you missed it, it's Karen V's Finishing Service and it comes highly recommended (not just by me).  The service is extremely thorough and professional - I think we exchanged over 20 emails discussing finishing options - and certainly great value for money.

No affiliation at all, just a very happy customer...


KarenV said...

So glad you're pleased with them Joy! :) You took a much better picture of the pillow than I did - I rejected tons before I went with the one I sent you, but I think I was being a touch picky ;)

Looking forward to receiving the next batch!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous finishes. I too am a very happy customer of Karen's and will be using her again.

Sheila said...

they all look fabulous, I need to get my act together and gather some pieces that are languishing in my To Finish box...Karen will be so much quicker, and far better than me :)

Paula said...

Great finished

Erin said...

Beautiful finishes indeed. Well done, both of you!


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