Thursday, 29 December 2011

2012 WIPocalypse Plans

Thursday, 29 December 2011
So as I've mentioned several times I've signed up for the 2012 WIPocalypse - WIP stripping for the year.

My 2011 plans worked pretty well up until the last month.  I started the year with 32 WIPs and, of those, 9 are now finished, 1 has been abandoned and 3 have had significant work.

The problem is that I've had about 5 new starts recently, all small projects, so my current WIP list is probably still around 27 - I am in the process of tidying everything up and doing an official count.

However, what I do have are several BAPs (that's Big-Arse-Projects for those not in the know) so my main plan for 2012 is to work on those in a monthly rotation.  So each one will by my focus piece for a month and I will work on that and possibly some smaller projects during that month.

So the monthly rotation is:

Jan - Cirque des Cercles
Feb - Be Attitudes Afghan
Mar - Murky Manor
Apr - Cut Thru Fairy Hill
May - Wild Ones Alphabet
Jun - Heaven Above
July - Tradewinds
Aug - Christmas by the Letter
Sep - Noah's Sub
Oct - Witches Hollow
Nov - Dragon Virtues Afghan
Dec - Sleigh Ride

Trust me when I say that not one of the above will be even close to finished after 2012 (well maybe Cirque but it depends how distracted I am this month).  However I'm thinking that if this rotation works for me I should keep it up until all of the above are completed.  What I'm not sure if I'll do is give some projects two months when others are finished or start other big projects.  Still I'm pretty sure I have plenty of time to decide that LOL.

So over the next three days I'm going to compile a complete WIP list (again) and photo each one as well as make sure each has it's own project bag kitted up so I don't have to hunt around for stuff when I decide to get stitching on something.


stitcheranon said...

Thank you...I was thinking of asking what BAPs meant, now I dont need too. Looks an interesting list. Good luck with them all!

Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your goals. Look forward to seeing your progress on them. Happy New Year.

Mad about Craft said...

Happy New Year and Good Luck with the BAPs!


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