Wednesday, 29 June 2005

First Smile

Wednesday, 29 June 2005
So all the books say the first smile comes around six weeks old but the Health Visitor told us it can be any time from three weeks onwards. I've been the one constantly saying 'it's wind' for the last four weeks when DBF and others have been cooing over DD 'smiling' at them and I certainly wasn't looking for the first smile yet (although it was in the back of my mind that she could any day).

So, it was a complete surprise when tonight, at exactly four weeks old she looked me straight in the eye and gave me the biggest grin!

My life now revolves around when she'll do it again and DBF is anxiously awaiting his turn. I hope over this weekend we can get some pictures and I'll certainly be posting an updated photo here, smiling or not.


Gina said...

Doesn't that smile make everything so worthwhile??? LOL!

Lorna said...

Awwww! :) Your little heart melter will soon have Daddy twisted around her little finger. lol

Little Grey Cat said...

Make sure you got your camera to hand! We want to see too :o)


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