Tuesday, 21 June 2005


Tuesday, 21 June 2005
Who needs it?

Not my daughter it would appear.....

Now I'm not stupid enough to think I'd have a baby and still manage a good 8 hours uninterrupted sleep a night but I figured she'd sleep enough during a 24 hour period that I'd manage to get about that much during the course of a day.

No such luck.

At the moment she's averaging about 10 hours sleep out of every 24 which means that by the time I've settled her down, fed myself, digested, had a shower, etc I'm getting about 6 hours sleep, some of which is in bed, some of which is on the sofa.

It also doesn't help that she appears to be able to sleep anywhere but in the moses basket - on Mummy or Daddy, on a cushion or pillow, in our bed, on the changing mat, you name it she'll sleep on it but the minute you move her to the basket those big blue eyes open and she's demanding food.

I guess I could forgo some of the additional activities I do so I get a bit more sleep but I have to eat and as we're currently experiencing a heatwave here I have to shower as having a hot little body next to you for several hours at a time makes one rather sticky and uncomfortable.

I guess you're wondering why I'm complaining but am also managing to blog right now. Well I'm eating too so multi-tasking - oh and I look at it as a means to maintain a bit of sanity by doing something totally unconnected to feeding or nappies.

Everyone keeps telling us that it passes and they settle into a routine but when you're in the middle of this initial sleepless stage and feel like you've given birth to a mini vampire that is awake all night slowly sucking the life energy out of you it doesn't really help to hear that.

But then, just when you're at the lowest point and feel like selling your child on ebay, she looks up at you with those big eyes of hers and it all seems totally worthwhile.

I'm off now for what is hopefully more than 30 mins sleep before she wakes for the next feed.


Lorna said...

Yep, the joys of motherhood! Try to get plenty of rest if not sleep. Hopefully she will settle into a regular sleeping pattern soon. (((hugs)))

Gina said...

She will settle down soon! I remember well how it feels though, so lots of {{{hugs}}} to you!

Kitty said...

And to think I'm desperately trying to get myself in that situation :)

I'm sure the current awful weather isn't helping, hopefully it'll cool down a bit soon.

She sounds like she got quite a sweet side though, otherwise I'm guessing the auction would be running already ;)

Anonymous said...

ok not sure if you have any sisters around but it is definitely time to hire a baby sitter for an afternoon so mom can get some sleep. This is what I usually give vouchers for at baby showers.


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