Thursday, 21 July 2005

Seven week update

Thursday, 21 July 2005
Okay, it's a day late but who's counting huh?

So, DDs sleeping much better - she managed seven straight hours last night and a further two this morning and is sleeping now. I don't think she's getting all the sleep she needs yet but at least we're moving in the right direction. She's also sleeping in her own bedroom which is great.

Growth wise she's now 9lb 2oz (4.18kg) with a head circumference of 37cm which is apparently fine and dandy as she's following the same line on the growth charts. She's also moved up into the next size clothing so I've got a box full of newborn stuff she's grown out of. She's swimming a bit in some of the clothes (which figures as they're 0 - 3 months) but they're not that big on her.

Day to day we're in much more of a routine now although her feeds and naps are not at totally predictable times during the day we always manage to get to a 6.00pm feed so she must be following some sort of internal routine. Bath time is 9.30pm (Daddy's job) and the final feed is 10pm.

Other news - she was blessed into the Greek Orthodox church last weekend. She'll be christened next year in Greece but in order for that to happen she has to be blessed within forty days of her birth (it was 47 but apparently God is flexible in this matter).

I think that's all really. We're going to visit my family next weekend which will be her biggest trip so far - 100 miles - and there'll be lots of new faces so that'll be a big test for all of us (an likely a big blog entry for me!)

The only other piece of news is that two of my friends have both had little girls in the last couple of days so congratulations to the both and welcome to the world Sofia and Kate! Ten years ago the three of us Mums all graduated from Uni after living together for three years and now we've all had our first babies within a few weeks of each other around the anniversary of our graduation.......


Gina said...

Glad to hear things are beginning to settle down. What a coincidence about you and your Uni friends!

Kitty said...

"Apparently God is flexible in this matter"


Oh and if you want a shiny new template and you don't mind spending a little give a try, they did mine for me :)

Joyus said...

Thanks Kitty, I'll go check them out.


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