Thursday, 7 July 2005

Things you never expected to get obsessed with - Number 1

Thursday, 7 July 2005

No, not mine or DBF's, the baby's....

It all started during the hospital stay (of five days) and has now become something that we actually discuss on a daily basis.

Whilst in hospital I had to let staff know every time I fed the baby and for how long as well as every time she filled a nappy and what it included. Right down to the colour involved. And it was all noted down in her records for reference (so I guess one day she may be able to request access to the notes and see how much she pooed over the first five days.....)

Anyway, it soon becomes second nature to note colour, quantity and frequency which means you can become obsessed by changes. To the extent that you find yourself on the phone to NHS Direct (a free health advice line that, it has to be said, is pretty useless) at midnight because your DBF is in a complete panic that the nappy is full of lime-green poo!

Yep, that was us the other night. I was trying to talk to a health care professional about lime green poo whilst DBF was typing the same phrase into Google and checking out poo online.

We weren't that successful with either option providing reassurance but as DD was otherwise fine and dandy we decided she was ok and stopped short of taking her and the full nappy to the hospital for a face to face diagnosis (although I think if I'd suggested it DBF would have been out of the door asap).

The Health Visitor came round the next day and DBF showed her a nappy (not the original, I did manage to persuade him we didn't need to keep that for her) and she said it was fine. It turns out that some formula milk turns baby's poo green and, as we'd included a bottle in her feeds the day before because I was so exhausted I needed to sleep, that was the source of the issue.

So panic over and another piece of useless information for us to store away for future use should one of our friends mention lime-green poo at any time!

Writing this all down it seems totally ridiculous and obsessive (and pretty damn funny really) but at the time the source of the colour really was the most urgent issue in our lives. LOL


Little Grey Cat said...

Oh lovely ... lime green poo ... !!!

I love the photo. She's a real cutie :o)

Lorna said...

Reminds me of the time I went to my HV in a panic over 'spinach poo'. Apparently a symptom of being a breastfeeding vegetarian.

Miz said...

oh that has made my day. What a laugh. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

if you can find it in the library you should read Jenny McCarthy Baby Laughs. She talks about the baby's first years and you will laugh


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