Monday, 10 October 2005

Ten Things...

Monday, 10 October 2005
...I love about Greece

1. They give you free bread and water the minute you sit down in a restaurant.

2. You can go out and eat ANY time you're hungry, even 3.00am

3. You are never more than five minutes walk from a bakery and fresh bread

4. There's a kiosk on every corner that sells most of life's essentials

5. Outdoor cinemas on rooftops and in back yards where the film starts 'when it gets dark'

6. Shops that fill your bag with wet-wipes, cigarette lighters and pens when you buy something

7. Not having to wear a coat in October

8. Lacta Chocolate

9. Friendly individuals

10. Small, specialist shops (department stores are few and far between)

...I hate about Greece

1. Everyone smokes

2. There is absolutely NOWHERE to change a baby when you're out, even in the most modern of places

3. It is basically impossible to navigate the streets of Athens with a pushchair because of cars, holes, trees and extremely rude individuals

4. As a race, the Greeks are impatient and rude

5. Cars parked everywhere there is a space and a lot of places there isn't

6. The green man doesn't always mean it's okay to cross the road

7. Driving is the scariest experience you can have

8. All women turn into screeching haridens when faced with a baby

9. People riding motorcycles with their children (we actually saw parents with two children aged about 3 and 5 ON ONE BIKE)

10. Toilets anywhere but especially public toilets

11. Did I mention the smoking? Well it's worth mentioning again...



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