Friday, 30 September 2005

Four Months Old

Friday, 30 September 2005
Well almost, we're a day early but we fly to Greece tonight and I don't know if I'll be able to get internet access there.

So, the monkey is four months old and too big for 3 - 6 month sleep suits! She's now officially in pyjamas and I'm not going to bother with sleep suits any more as she is so long they don't do up between her legs.

She's just started getting interested in toys (rather than feet) and Spotty Dog is her favourite. She is learning to reach out and hold things (and put them in her mouth) so I imagine we'll be getting more and more toys cluttering up the house over the next months.

She still likes feet though and can be easily distracted by them. She's also spending more time on her side when she lies down and so it may not be too long till she rolls over.

She's sucking her thumb like a good 'un and has occasionally managed to get herself back to sleep by doing so (although DBF and I get kept awake by the furious sucking). She even fell asleep in her cot watching the mobile the other day which was the first time she's slept without being fed or rocked so that was a great milestone for us (we know she can do it now even if she doesn't all the time).

She's still on two bottles a day as well as breast feeding and when we get back from Greece I'll work on getting her on all bottles and into a proper daily routine as I've got less than four weeks till I go back to work then!!!

That's it I guess, here's some photos - the first is her four month snap shot (please forgive the close up of a hairy DBF), the second is her with Spotty Dog (in her new pj's) and the last is photographic evidence of her foot fetish...

This may be the last blog for a couple of weeks but hopefully I'll get a chance to log on and give you an update while we're away.


Scully said...

Joy they are lovely photos. She looks adorable on the top one :) All the best for you in the build up to returning to work too.

Lorna said...

Aawww! Shes so cute. :D


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