Thursday, 1 September 2005

Three Months Old

Thursday, 1 September 2005
So we've survived another month and our little monkey is growing like a weed (lengthwise at least). She moved into 3-6 month clothes a week ago as she was too long for 0-3 sleepsuits and body suits and I've just spent half and hour packing up all her other 0-3 month clothes as none fit now.

She's exploring her hands more and more now - she spends a lot of time with them clasped across her chest Les Dawson style or with both of them waving triumphantly aloft. She's also getting them in her mouth to suck on most tries (although when she misses she does a great impression of Bruce Forsyth as the fist settles just under the chin)

She's constantly on the move and can roll onto her side and back again with ease. She can also propel herself backwards at an alarming rate when lying on the floor by bending her legs, digging her heels in and pushing. I'm keen to start taking her swimming soon as I'm sure this leg action will translate well in the water!

What else? Well, she attended her first party (and had beer and soda water spilt all over her), she did her longest road trip so far, attended a Cross Stitcher's Get Together, had her first immunisations and got her first passport.

She also had her first taste of solid food and, whilst she appeared to like it okay, it'll be a while before the next try.

She's also the nosiest baby I know. She's only happy in her pram if she's propped up enough to see out and is no longer lulled to sleep by the motion of it which means shopping trips can be brief as she makes her displeasure known big time if we stay in one place too long.

That's about it I guess and I can't wait to see what the next month brings. I'll leave you with a picture taken yesterday. Her latest pleasure seems to be sticking her tongue out but she hasn't worked out yet that she can't do that and get her fist in her mouth at the same time...



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