Monday, 26 September 2005

The difference between English and Greeks (No 1)

Monday, 26 September 2005

As in we English are organised and the Greeks are not. It's a simple fact and one that I've learned to live with over 8 years but I don't think I'll ever really get used to it.

I'm super-organised, always have been. I also hate being late and I like to have plans in place to ensure that lateness doesn't occur.

Now I will admit that there are plenty of English people who are disorganised and late (my Sister is a prime example) but with the Greeks it's defective gene and I haven't yet met one that doesn't have it.

I'll also admit that to those who are not quite so anal about organising things those of us who are must be pretty irritating. DBF resists my planning on more or less a daily basis and I think now he just ignores me and gets on with floating through life safe in the knowledge that if there's something important to do I'll mention it.

A great example is Christmas. My large extended family comes together at my sister's house to celebrate and basically eat until they can't move. Every year I ask DBF to ask his parents to join us and every year he says he can't possibly speak to them yet because it's not even close to Christmas. No we're talking about discussions being held in November, not April. To me, his parents should be able to make an informed decision by then but to them it's an alien concept.

Greek people decide on the day what they're doing. And it can often take half the day to finalise that decision which is why they eat and party later than the rest of us. Going to Greece drives me nuts because I can get out of bed and ask what we're doing that day and be told one thing, by the time I've showered it's something completely different and by the time I'm dressed it's something else again. Also, nine times out of ten it's likely to change again before we're out of the door.

This is one of the things that really does my head in about being there and something that I'm going to have even more problems with now DD is involved as I'll have to get her ready too, think about what she needs, when her feeds are going to be, etc. I'm hoping that her arrival will mean that they too become a bit more organised but I'm not betting on it.

The main reason this is my topic of the day though is packing. I spent yesterday ironing clothes and planning what DD and I are going to wear for the week so I know what needs to be packed and when. I asked DBF four times to get the suitcase down so I can start loading DD's stuff in and I also told him not to wear anything this week that he wants to take with him as I can't guarantee getting it washed and ironed before we go.

I know that he'll pack Friday morning before he heads off to work and I know that he'll spend time looking for something particular that he must have with him that will end up being at the bottom of the wash basket or screwed up under the bed.

I'm just hoping that DD has inherited the organised gene...



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