Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Routine, what routine?

Tuesday, 20 September 2005
Just was I thought we'd got sleeping a bit more sorted DD went and proved that she rules this house and we'd better not forget it.

She'd been doing 8 - 9 hours a night for around four weeks and I guess we got complacent because we got a real shock a week or so ago when she started waking up again anything from 2 to 5 hours after she'd been put down.

This coincided with me getting sick and DBF having to be much more hands on around bedtime (he does his bit but it's normally me who has more success getting her to sleep) so I guess she was probably just reacting to a change in her routine but even so, it was as if she picked the worst possible time to start waking up again.

So it came as some relief when Sunday night she slept for seven hours (she did wake up a couple of times and make vague chatty noises which I studiously ignored) and now it's 8.00am and she's not awake meaning that she's been 8 1/2 hours in bed.

My brain takes a while to catch up with these changes though - I had a rough night last night because I kept waking up expecting her to be awake. I guess we'll need a few more good nights before I'm back to thinking she'll sleep through regularly and I'll be able to relax into sleep properly.

Having said that, the trip to Greece is looming ever closer and I know she'll be thrown completely when it comes to routine once we're there. We decided a while back not to get too worried about getting her settled into a decent routine before Greece as the whole way of life over there is far too different and it's very difficult to get them to change just to accommodate us.

We've got four weeks after we come back before I go back to work so that'll be the killer time of getting her to change her body clock. The real test is going to be getting her to sleep around 7pm instead of 11pm and also getting her to sleep without her being on the boob as I'll also be stopping breast feeding over those four weeks.

Something to look forward to!



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