Wednesday, 29 March 2006

101 Things in 1001 Days

Wednesday, 29 March 2006
Okay, this is a little off my usual topics but I've seen this on a couple of blogs and I thought it'd be fun to do and I figure here is as good a place as any to keep a tag of them.

The idea is to set 101 goals of things you want to do and you have 1001 days (roughly 2.75 years) to do them in. They have to be specific, realistic and stretching which means I have to make some effort towards them and can easily show that I have achieved them. I shall be starting on Saturday and will review them once a month to see how I'm doing.

Start Date: 1st April 2006
End Date: December 27, 2008

So, my 101 things are (edited to organise them a bit):

1. Get married (a bit of a cheat but who knows how these things go LOL)
2. Get pregnant
3. Lose 50lbs
4. Move house
5. Write a letter to a friend once a month
6. Get my legs waxed
7. Visit a spa
8. Make a new friend
9. Find an old friend who I've lost touch with
10. Get a henna tatoo
11. Have my hair dyed professionally
12. Buy a dress
13. Spend a whole afternoon browsing in an LNS
14. Have my bra size professionally measured
15. Buy at least two items of luxury underwear
16. Build a personal website
17. Learn 50 new words
18. Have a facial
19. Get a birthday book and not forget anyone's birthday for a year
20. Tell someone I love them at least once a day

Entertainment and Leisure
21. Throw a party
22. Go on a picnic
23. Watch 20 B&W movies I've not seen before
24. Go for a walk at midnight
25. Ride a horse
26. Spend a weekend away from DF and Lia just enjoying myself with friends

Craft and Hobbies

27. Read 50 books
28. Go to the cinema at least once a month
29. Finish Michael Powell's Handmade Houses
30. Learn enough Greek to have basic conversations
31. Learn to knit
32. Stay on the Stash Wagon for a year
33. Learn karate
34. Learn to play the banjo
35. Try hardanger
36. Make six ornaments for the Christmas tree
37. Make a scrapbook of Lia's first year
38. Fill in Lia's baby book
39. Frame at least 10 finished cross stitches and hang them on the wall
40. Decrease my cross stitch projects by at least 20
41. Put all my family photos in albums
42. Do some family tree research
43. Make a needle book instead of admiring other peoples
44. Use my sewing machine to make an item of clothing
45. Take a course on framing
46. Go to a professional stitching course
47. Start playing the keyboard again
48. Organise and quantify my stitching stash
49. Learn to juggle
50. Build a wooden ship
51. Enrol on an OU course

52. Go to Italy
53. Visit 6 museums
54. Visit Cambridge
55. Spend a long weekend away somewhere we've never been just the three of us
56. Go to Wales
57. Visit Lands End
58. Go to London at least once a month for six months and visit somewhere new
59. Visit Ireland and the Giant's Causeway
60. Visit Scotland


61. Eat 5 fruits or vegetables a day for a month
62. Cook a new recipe at least twice a month
63. Write my recipes down in a book
64. Try a new food at least twice a month
65. Find a local farm shop and buy stuff from it at least twice a month
66. Have a romantic meal for just the two of us once a month
67. Learn to make Creme Brulee
68. Roast a leg of lamb for DF

69. Go for a half an hour walk at least three times a week
70. Have a foot spa twice a month
71. Go to the dentist
72. Not drink fizzy drinks for a month
73. Not eat chocolate for a month
74. Fix up my bike and ride it at least once a week for six months
75. Not eat take aways for one month
76. Go swimming at least once a week for six months
77. Go walking somewhere in the countryside at least once a month
78. Try meditation

Financial and Personal Info
79. Aim to pay at least £100 a month extra into the mortgage
80. Re-write my Will
81. Organise all our financial information and make sure at least two people have copies
82. Get Lia's christening gifts valued and insured
83. Get a safety deposit box
84. Organise all the bills and file them as soon as they arrive

85. Clear out my wardrobe and donate old stuff to charity
86. Tidy the house once a week
87. Throw at least one item of junk out a week (or donate it to charity)

88. Paint bathroom door frames
89. Varnish the doors
90. Replace the dining room chairs
91. Fix the car radio so it holds the stations
92. Recycle more
93. Clean up the back garden
94. Paint the small area just inside the front door
95. Organise the home office into something less resembling a bomb site
96. Have a family portrait photo done once a year
97. Research one country a month and learn more about it
98. Chase the dust bunnies out from behind the sofa at least once a week
99. Clean out the kitchen cupboards and throw away anything not used in the last 12 months

100. Take pictures of all my 101
101. Start a new 101 list when this one is finished

I should of course add that I got this idea from Hazy's Blog although from following her link backwards it seems quite a few people are doing this.

For those of you thinking about it and wondering if they can come up with 101 things, it did take me three days to think about it so come on, join in (and feel free to nick some of mine if you like the sound of them)



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