Monday, 26 March 2007

What a Week!

Monday, 26 March 2007
I spoke too soon at the end of my last post...

By monday night I was feeling awful - DH had been in bed all day and I collapsed once I'd got Lia settled. I didn't get up again for two days during which I was throwing up, shivering, coughing and generally being quite seriously unwell. All three of us were bad - we had a 'who has the highest temperature' competition going on for two days (I won, I peaked at 39.1) - and I was tempted to hang a plague flag on the door.

Poor DH had to parent for two days as I couldn't stand up. The only difference between us was that he could stand so even though he felt as lousy he drew the short straw. My Mum did offer to come over but I didn't want to risk her catching it as she's only recently got over something similar herself and she certainly didn't need it again.

So we muddled through and we're all now sporting terrific coughs that the doctor says there's nothing can be done for we just have to wait for them to get better.

In the midst of all this my SIL had her baby. We got a call Thursday morning to say things had kicked off so we spent the day waiting for news which finally came at 8.20pm. They knew they were expecting a boy so no surprises there but he was nine days early.

Unfortunately he hasn't been well and has been in Intensive Care having oxygen and being fed through a tube. News is a bit sketchy (I think Greek doctors tell a lot less) but apparently it's just due to the trauma of being born - he's been doing better and better though and is due to come out of ICU tomorrow and should be allowed home then. SIL is okay, very sore as she has quite a lot of stitches but obviously worried to death about her son.

The whole birth was turned into a bit of a circus by all accounts. When DH spoke to his mother on Thursday he reported back that there were 15 people at the hospital including friends and their boyfriends/girlfriends, SIL's Boss and his wife and the company taxi driver! Apparently this report was wildly inaccurate as there was actually around 30 people there all milling about.

I would have sent the lot of them packing - Lia's birth involved me and DH only and that's how I wanted it - I didn't even tell my lot that I was being induced. Poor SIL had to go through birth and then the following trauma with an audience of 30 (okay they weren't in the room but they were getting blow by blow updates) and none of them got to see the baby anyway as he was whipped down to ICU.

As I said, he is getting better - the grandparents all got to visit him for the first time yesterday - so hopefully we'll get some pics soon.



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