Monday, 14 May 2007

We certainly don't hang around...

Monday, 14 May 2007
As I mentioned in my last post we have decided to move house. It's something we've been talking about for quite a while now but have been putting off for no real reason so we decided we should just go for it as there seemed to be a lot of 'signs' telling us we should.

So the last 10 days has been:

Thursday 3rd May - Decide to move
Friday 4th May - I go to a couple of Estate Agents to arrange them to come round and value the house. I am given the particulars of a house.
Saturday 5th May - The house is valued and we are left to decide what we want to do. We view the house we have the particulars of and offer the asking price. We then put ours on the market
Tuesday 8th May - Our offer is accepted. Estate Agents get the details of our house together to send out
Wednesday 9th May - A sold sign goes up on our 'new house' and a For Sale sign goes on ours. We have two weeks grace to sell otherwise the vendor can put their house back on the market
Thursday 10th May - The particulars of our house are mailshot out
Friday 11th May - two viewings of our house, two offers. I also have two quotes from removal companies
Saturday 12th May - we arrange our mortgage and accept one of the offers on our house

Monday 14th May - I resist all urges to collapse in a heap as there's so much to organise still...

Not bad for 10 days work! We only viewed the one house and it's so perfectly what we want that we didn't bother with anything else. It has a huge lounge and kitchen downstairs and three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. The garden is 150ft long and there's enough parking in the garage and next to the house for about six cars. Oh and it's next door to a Primary School.

Hopefully today the Surveyors will call and we can organise that asap. There's no chain so we should be able to move quickly - we're hoping the last week of June as that fits perfectly in our schedule.

We've already started the great 'pre-moving-de-junking', for people living in a tiny house with no storage space we certainly have a huge amount of junk. DH is doing a bootfair this weekend and then there's charity shops and freecycling for stuff we can't sell. We're also using this opportunity to get rid of a lot of furniture and the guy buying our house is interested in some of it so that's great (and nice and simple).

I have to say, the idea of packing is daunting to say the least. We have a huge amount of loft space in the new house but not many built in cupboards so we're having to think quite carefully about what we are going to have where.

So that's us. People on the move. You can expect many boring updates regarding the status of everything for the next few weeks as I'm incredibly excited about it all and have a need to share LOL.



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