Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's Stash

Thursday, 14 February 2008
I chose my Valentine's present from DH - I'm much happier with stash than him spending money on rip-off priced chocolates and flowers.

I got the Blackbird Designs' Beneath the Sunlit Sky Kit and Tournicoton's Coeur de Brodeuse plus linen. I think the Coeur will be next months small start and I'm so tempted to get on with Sunlit Sky but I will stick to my goals and pencil it in as the next new start when I've completed five more finishes.

Oh and I can highly recommend Violarium as an ONS. No affiliation but the chart arrived in the UK from Finland 24 hours after the order was placed, the service was fantastic, the pack includes a full translation from the French and the shipping cost was just 2 euros!


Sheila said...

Great stash´ll love Beneath the Sunlit Sky. And I´ve used Violarium and highly recommend them too :) And well done on all the stitching and gardening you´ve done recently.

Beatrice said...

What a nice gift from your DH. I'm with you, chocolates and flowers are to much money. It's much better spent on stash!!

Kathy A. said...

Ah stash - the greatest gift of all. I have been reading through your blog as I was offline for a while. What an adventure you have sent out for yourself with your garden plans. Keep us posted as I am sure it will be beautiful when done. And yes, Lia sure does look like her mommy.


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