Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Too Many Pretty Things!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008
Surfing blogs is officially bad for the wallet!

I haven't had a chance to read lots of blogs lately but life has calmed down a bit so I've been playing catch up and it was a bad mistake. It seems like everywhere I go people have links to pretty things, great shops, fantastic finishes and so on and it's becoming very dangerous for me to click my mouse!

Karen's blog had a link for a wonderful site selling ribbons and I admit that this is the only site where I caved in and bought some (the July Ribbon Kit). In my defense I don't have any ribbon stash and my new-found finishing skills mean that I'm sure to need some. Then I was reading a blog whose author had finished an amazing quilt and I had to click on the link there to see more designs by the same person (Judy Niemeyer) and I'm totally in love with 4th of July and Tropical Sundance.

I'm being good though, the two designs are now on my wish list and maybe Santa will be good to me at the end of the year.

Life is bimbling along here. We took Lia to the cinema for the first time this weekend and it went much better than we hoped. We saw Wall-E (great film and the short, Presto, before it was fantastic) and she sat in her seat for the whole two hours only getting a bit upset when it got too loud for her. We're going to do Kung-Fu Panda next.

We've been doing some work in the garden too as the weather here has finally cheered up a bit. It's such a huge job that we sometimes feel we're not getting anywhere but little by little it's getting cleared up and eventually we'll have a garden that we can just sit back and enjoy. DH has been much more motivated than I expected which is great - Lia and I went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and got back to find he'd ripped down half the fence and cleared loads of overgrown ivy.

I will get some pics soon both of the garden and my stitching and quilting.

I've had a small HD this month as I stitched up a Secret Needle Night project from The Silver Needle - Ho Ho Santa. I'm now working on Lavender Hearts and making good progress. I've never done drawn thread before but managed the first row without too much difficulty, I've also done my first ever Lazy Daisies too. I have been a bit of a coward though as I'm leaving the hardanger heart till last, again I've never done it before, so I'll practice on some scrap fabric first.

Quilting wise I've finished up the quilt I needed to do for a birthday gift and I've also finally gotten round to finishing up the cushion tops I did in my curves course. I have another course this friday to learn the Bargello technique so am looking forward to that. I have picked out all of my red, orange, yellow and purple fabrics to take so this one is going to be bright!

In other news it looks like my work situation is going to change soon as I've been warned that my job could be at risk of redundancy. It's not really a shock (a lot of organisational changes have happened in the last couple of years) and we have redundancy insurance so we'll manage for money if we need to. The truth is that DH and I have been talking for a while about me moving on and getting something closer to where we live for when Lia goes to school (I work in the next town over, about 30-40 mins drive from home).

This is just a kick up the bum for us to get moving with things really. I won't know anything for sure till the 20th August so at the moment I'm just looking at the job market, working on my CV and biding my time till I know the facts. I don't want to jump now because I'll lose any redundancy payment I'm due and after seven years in the job it should be a decent sum.

I am sad, it's not how I'd like to move on and I do like the people in the team I'm part of but my job has changed a lot in the last two years and it's not one that I'm really enjoying any more. So all in all, I can look at the positive side of it and not really get stressed or upset, it's most likely that we'll be better off as a family once we get through all the changes.


Jennifer said...

Tell me about it! My wishlist has grown by leaps and bounds with the blogs I read. Sometimes it can be hard to control it, but it always makes me feel a little better when I put it on a wish list. Then I feel like I won't forget it (and it makes the perfect shopping list for gift givers. LOL)

Hang in there with the work thing. It's hard, even when you know it's coming. Good luck!

Paula said...

Hope something works out on the work front. I'm sure you will find something suitable.


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