Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Tuesday, 25 August 2009
Apologies as I have been missing in action somewhat for the last couple of weeks.

I've been busy re-organising our life somewhat as we had to cancel our trip to Greece for personal reasons (nothing serious, just a tad inconvenient!) That in turn had a knock on effect on other things like when Lia finished nursery, holiday from work, etc so it's been a bit mad around our place for a while.

However, it's all sorted now, I'm in the office this week instead of being in Greece and Lia is enjoying an extra week at nursery. I pushed my holiday back by a week so I'm now working this week and then on leave for two weeks. This means that I am now taking one weeks leave in full time hours and one in part time (instead of two weeks in full time hours) so I've actually saved myself a weeks holiday for use later on.

It also means I can take Lia to school for her first week when she's doing only two hours a day which makes me really happy.

I'm grateful we're not in Athens now. We were due to fly out on Saturday, right into the horror of the fires around Athens and we would have had a terrible time if we had gone. Our plans were to drive out of Athens and up to our house in north Greece but we wouldn't have been able to get out because of the fires and the whole atmosphere in Athens with the smoke, ash, etc would have meant we'd be stuck indoors.

Thankfully all our friends and family live away from where the fires are right now but one of DH's closest friends is a fireman so we're constantly worried about him being okay.

We are still having a long weekend together this coming weekend - Monday is a Bank Holiday here in the UK and DH is taking Tues and Wed as leave so we have plans to see friends and go to various events happening locally. I'll then have a couple of days to get any last minute bits for Lia (like school shoes!)

Other than that lot I am still stitching and quilting, maybe not as productively as usual, but I'm getting there. I have been digging out lots of old half finished projects with the idea that I should get them finished and out of the way. I cut a flannel quilt for Lia about 18 months ago and have finally put the top together. It's on of the few projects I have the backing fabric for so I may even get it quilted in time for her to use this winter.

I didn't get all the bags made I needed to this month but I'm hoping that I will be motivated to get lots done when I'm at home for the next couple of weeks. I've have picked up a couple of old stitching WIPs that haven't seen the light of day for a while though and am motivated to get them finished. I think that my de-stashing and organisation has motivated me to work harder at reducing my WIP list - there's so many lovely things I want to start but I don't want loads of projects lying around so I am being stern with myself about getting some finishes first.


karenfae said...

I hope your house in Athens will be ok and not get damaged. Glad your family does not live in the area that is so bad.


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