Saturday, 17 July 2010

Blimey time flies!

Saturday, 17 July 2010
I can't believe it's been so long since my last post - I guess life just has been moving on.

Connor is now 14 weeks old and sleeping through the night. Well, he has for the last three nights at least so there's time for that to change. He goes down at 7pm, has his 10pm feed and then he's been sleeping through till at least 7am - this morning it was 8.30am! He's also having a good long 2 -3 hr nap around lunchtime so I'm getting some me time back!

He's growing well - following the 50th centile pretty much which is good. He can roll over onto his left side and back as of five days ago and is almost exclusively sucking his left thumb. Going by my Mum's theory that means he'll be left handed as I am (my bro is right handed and the pair of us were opposites with thumb sucking and side favouring from this early too). Still, it's a long while yet so we'll see. I have to admit I'd like it if he is left handed - I've always been the only one in the family so it'd be nice to share that with him. And if he's not then hey, I'm still unique LOL.

As for Lia well her first year at school finishes this coming Thursday. Talk about time zooming along, that's her reception year done and come September she'll be in year 1 and officially a school girl. It's been a busy year somewhat dictated by my pregnancy and Connor's arrival but she's been fantastic and has had a great end of year report.

Today she has her first ballet exam. She's doing a little dance to the song Thumbelina and is very excited about it. She's unlikely to be a professional ballet dancer (she's over the 90th centile for height and weight!) but she absolutely loves dancing so I don't see her stopping any time soon. We're also pushing her to learn to swim - she's pretty confident in the water but just not swimming yet - there was just never enough time for proper lessons when I was working full time but I'm going to book her on some for September.

Talking of September I'm sure it's going to come around really quickly. There's three weeks of school holidays to get through and then we're off to Greece for three weeks, getting back two days before school starts again. I'm pretty much sorted with uniform and the like but we will be going shoe shopping the day before school unless I can find something while we're in Greece.


Kathy A. said...

Sounds like life is treating you very well these days. Glad to hear those first few months with Connor have gone well.
Lia is such a lovely little girl. I am sure she brings you much joy.
I too am a leftie. But it goes sideways in my family. My two nieces are left handed.

Liz said...

I was a right hand thumb sucker (that sounds a bit rude!) and I'm right handed in everything else.. not sure if that means there is no pattern to it or not though!


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