Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Rotation Revision

Tuesday, 14 February 2012
So I've been thinking and I've decided to change my rotation plans.  Originally I'd planned to focus on one BAP a month for 12 months so that each of my 12 biggest WIPs got some attention this year but the problem with that is none of them will get finished this way and I'd REALLY like to get some of them finished.

So I'm thinking of dropping down to a six month rotation which would go like this:

Jan - Cirque des Cercles
Feb - Be Attitudes Afghan
Mar - Murky Manor
Apr - Christmas by the Letter
May - Heaven Above
Jun - Small WIPs and any of the above

And then repeat for the second six months of the year.

This means that the rest of my BAPs - Cut Thru Fairy Hill, Wild Ones Alphabet, Tradewinds, Noah's Sub, Witches Hollow, Dragon Virtues Afghan and Sleigh Ride - won't get touched this year but I might have at least three of the above completed.

I'm also thinking that Cut Thru Fairy Hill might have to be discarded.  I started it so long ago and it was supposed to be for Lia but I'm sure by the time I get it finished she'll be long out of fairies and I wasn't really enjoying stitching on it.  I have made quite a chunk of progress on it though so I can't decide what to do with it - it seems a shame to rip it out but I know I won't pick it up again so, if any of you readers would like to give it a home then please shout.  It's the full kit but I didn't stitch it on the aida included, it's on evenweave.

I thought I had a WIP pic of it but I can't find one.  If you're interested but want to see a pic first give me a shout and I can post one.  I don't want anything for it, I just can't quite bring myself to frog or throw it.

Having said all that my biggest issue is that I'm burning to get back to Cirque sooner than July and I may well pick it up for March instead of Murky Manor.  In fact I'm wondering why I'm even bothering saying I'll have a rotation at all now but guess it will at least keep me vaguely focussed on my goals.

And if I do pick Cirque up again I can just substitue Murky Manor in twice in the second half of the year...


Kaisievic said...

I find that rotations and SALs just don't work for me - I need to stitch what the mood dictates that I stitch. At the moment I am in love with my Cinderella stitchery so I am focusing on that. You just have to go with what suits you, I think.

Good luck with all your WIPs.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Monique said...

Without trying to sound too eager. I would dearly love to take the kit off your hands and finish it. Luckily my daughter is 7 and just getting to the fairy and unicorn stage. Problem would be that im in South Africa, so not sure u would want to post that far. Monique

Joyus said...

LOL Monique, I left a comment on your latest blog post with my email address. Drop me a line and I'll get the kit to you...


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