Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January Review

Wednesday, 1 February 2012
Well it's the 1st Feb so it must be time for a review of January but I can't believe the month has gone so fast!

In stitching news I made great progress on Cirque (I will upload a pic tomorrow) and I'm pretty sure that one more month with it as a focus WIP will see it off.  Currently that one more month isn't due until next Jan but I might decide to swap it in later in the year just to see it finished.  My plans are, as always, fluid LOL. 

Other than Cirque and my small finish I've not really stitched on anything else this month - only a few stitches went into the Shepherds Bush Santa's Flight and that was it.  Still, my progress on Cirque means I'm more than happy with my January stitching.

I'm not so thrilled with my lack of doing anything on my sewing projects.  Well, that's not stritcly true as I did get about an hour on the machine yesterday but that was it.  I've now moved my January quilting plans to February and hopefully they'll get done and more this month.

I have excelled myself with reading though and finished a total of seven books in Jan!

So all in all not a bad month really, it's not like I didn't get anything done at all.  I also spent last night sorting out all the floss for my Feb BAP (an afghan of the Shepherds Bush Be Attitudes series) so I'm ready to go tonight.

I also managed to get rid of 11 carrier bags of stuff from the house (I'm trying to get an average of 1 bag of stuff out of the house a week this year so I'm already ahead of the game).  It included books, clothes, toys, recyclables and even some food (DH has given up sugar and we had WAY too many biscuits and sweets left over from Christmas).

In more personal news I am now almost unemployed.  My official finish date is 22nd Feb but I created so much noise about my notice period that they finally agreed to let me work the last three weeks of it at home on call.  I'm currently viewing myself as on holiday as Connor is at nursery through to the end of next week so I have childless days for this week and next. 

Work has been awful so I can't begin to say how relieved I am to be out of there although I do already miss the people I worked with.  Well, obviously not all the people I worked with but the great majority were lovely.

I'm now wondering how I fitted in work though as I'm way too busy.  January saw PTA cake sales, poster making, Governor's meetings, ballet lessons, meals out and friends visiting to name just a few things and February looks like being even busier!

I will try and update here more now I (theoretically) have more time on my hands but in ten days time half term kicks in and I'm officially a stay at home Mum so I'm not sure time on my hands is really going to happen LOL. 


Mad about Craft said...

I have huge empathy with you on the ob front. I am also having job issues and am going to hand in my notice tomorrow. My CV is out with agencies and I am hopeful as there do seem to be plenty of nursing jobs.

Good luck with whatever you do next and enjoy your time off.

Kaisievic said...

Good on you for doing something about your work situation. I had a difficult situation at work myself last year and it made life very hard.

Thank you so much for putting me onto Agatha Raisin. I have downloaded all 22 onto my kindle and I am now reading Book 4. At first, I was unsure about how I felt about Agatha - she is not the most likeable of people but she has grown on me. I am really loving this Cosy Mystery series.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Patches said...

Can't wait to see cirque.


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