Monday, 31 March 2008

A Nice Weekend

Monday, 31 March 2008
Anything would have been better than last weekend but even without that fact we had a great weekend. I'm not a huge fan of the clock change in theory but one can't ignore the fact that longer, lighter evenings really make one feel like summer is coming (even if it is gloomy again today LOL).

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day so we went out for lunch in town and took Lia for a walk around town and the park. I also indulged my inner child with some toy shop shopping and bought her some fuzzy felt, poster paints, glow in the dark ceiling stars and a mini space hopper (the space hopper is in the cupboard for her birthday present pile).

The only blip during the otherwise great time was that I had to do some serious frogging on The Big Zipper but I did that outside of my usual stitching time (I generally only stitch in the evenings after Lia is in bed) so even though it was a pain, I didn't feel like it had taken up precious stitching time. Basically I miscounted on the 'house' section and everything was one stitch up - I did look at it re fudging it to fit but I decided it wouldn't really work so out it came. I stitched more of the border last night to avoid looking at the blank patch but I'll get on tonight and try and play catch up.

I have also decided what I'm getting as my birthday stash from Needlecraft Corner (thanks to their birthday discount). I'll get Shepherd's Bush 'Happy Haunting' (this won't be discounted but I promised myself it as I fell in love with a friends WIP), Carriage House Sampling's Alphabet Blocks Whole Kit and Caboodle and Raise the Roof's The Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Yes I know I've linked to Stitching Bits and Bobs but the pictures are much better on that site.

I think that'll be all my stitching stash, there's actually not that much I want right now, even though I am still enjoying stitching. I might get some cash from the in-laws in which case I'll probably get some quilting fabrics but they might wait and give it to me when we're in Greece in a few weeks in which case I'm sure it'll get spent out there.

Another nice thing that happened this weekend was confirmation that my cousins from Oz are going to be visiting in August. I haven't seen them since our wedding in Greece so it'll be lovely to catch up - they'll sure notice a difference in Lia from being 1 to being 3!

For folks that wanted a quiet 2008 we've certainly got a hectic social schedule this year - two holidays as a family, a long weekend stitching retreat for me, three weddings, three christenings, a 40th wedding anniversary and plenty of visits from friends. We're free next weekend but after that we're booked until 8th June!


Sheila said...

Murphy´s Law again.. if you´d said you wanted a busy 2008, you´d be sitting quietly at home every night stitching (after Lia went to bed). I hope you won´t be too exhausted by June 6 weekend :)


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