Saturday, 1 March 2008


Saturday, 1 March 2008
I promised these ages ago but the memory card was awol from DH's camera.

Anyway it's back so here are some WIPs and finishes.

Firstly here's a sneak preview of the first jungle quilt. It's not quite finished yet...

Here's the current stage of my Log Cabin blocks - we learned to make them using strip piecing so you work on all your blocks at the same time.

Here's my finished pieces

The Santa Cushion (my first blanket stitching!)

The Cat's Whisker's Tuffet

Bent Creek's First Moon Colony

And some WIPs

My redwork

Bent Creek's Red Threads

Tournicoton's Couer de Brodeuse (I started it a little early)


Paula said...

They all look great, especially the quilts

Gina said...

Lovely things Joy, and I love your choice of fabric for the quilts. The Red THread is looking good too!

Sheila said...

Oooh, all very nice... especially like your tournicoton piece.

natty68 said...

Oh my you have been busy haven't you :-) I love them all, but I think the tuffet is my favourite :-) I didn't realise that was what biscornus were called, you learn something new everyday :-)



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