Monday, 16 June 2008

Fabric mountain

Monday, 16 June 2008
I have been priding myself that even though quilting has become a big part of my crafting time I haven't gone overboard with my fabric purchases but now I'm going to have to admit I'm kidding myself. I now officially have more fabric than storage space.

Don't get me wrong, it's still not piles and piles of the stuff, but it's spread from one large box to include a whole shelf in the wardrobe too which is not good. I should say that around 85% of it is for identified projects which is some comfort at least but I have been washing and ironing the purchases I made during my weekend away and it definitely didn't look as much folded neatly in carrier bags LOL.

What I have discovered though is that I have a large amount of gorgeous red, orange and yellow fabrics (no surprise there to anyone that knows me) and I need to find a quilt design to do them justice. I'm thinking double bed size (gulp!) and nothing too formal because I have differing quantities of the fabrics and my mission is to not buy any more fabric until I've completed all the projects I have fabric for.

I love the Stargazey quilt style so I might go for something like that but I also saw a sunburst quilt a few years ago that was totally amazing (it as at a small village show and I wasn't quilting so didn't ask any questions about the design) so I might keep looking around for options. I am going to the NEC quilt show in August so maybe I'll find inspiration there. In the meantime I shall keep going with the other projects I have planned.

I did all the cutting and a large chunk of the sewing for three quilts this weekend. I intend to get at least one top put together before the weekend but would like to get all three done. They're little girl quilts this time using Cheri Strole's Heart to Heart II fabrics for Moda. I bought a fat quater bundle and there was just enough to get the three quilt tops from it - one for Lia, one for my godson's sister and one for the sister of a Jungle Quilt recipient whose birthday is next month. The fabric is gorgeous - even nicer than the pictures you can find online and it's girlie without being too pink and fluffy.

I will take pics this week of my current WIPs both quilting and stitching. June is kind of a lost month for us as we've been so busy and this weekend we're off to Devon for a weeks holiday just the three of us. This will be the first time we've had a proper holiday as a family (if you don't count three days in Brussels last May) and I'm hoping the Great British Weather is good to us!



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