Friday, 20 June 2008

Finally, some pictures!

Friday, 20 June 2008
DH has been hiding his camera's memory card for the last few days but I finally managed to get some pics of my WIPs and finishes.

Here's a couple of reindeer that I made from a kit DH got me for Christmas (with some prompting from me of course LOL). They are called Simply Pooped Out and Jingle Your Own Darn Bells

It's kind of a tradition for those of us who have the weekend GTG to have something to stitch as a reminder - this year it was a sampler with the poem composed by me and the design by Kate from Sparklies:

Here's one of the Heart to Heart 2 quilt tops I was talking about in my previous post - I finished putting it together today

And here's a couple of WIPs - The Big Zipper from Bent Creek

And Happy Haunting from Shepherds Bush

We're off to Devon tomorrow so hopefully I'll get a bit of time to stitch while we're away.


Paula said...

They all look great. Have a good holiday.

Courtney said...

are you stitching the Big Zipper on the big canvas material that came with the kit?

I have all the parts but haven't started it yet...yours looks amazing!!


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