Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I'm Touched...

Wednesday, 18 March 2009
As in I am now the owner of an iPod Touch.

A long time ago DH got me a PDA type thing as I wanted something I could use as an organiser. I used it a bit and then gave up on it because I didn't use it enough and it kept running out of battery completely and deleting my stuff.

Then DH got me an iPod which was great but I used it so infrequently that whenever I needed it there was no battery.

Also, over the years we've had various Nintendo consoles that I've played with a bit but never had serious time to invest in playing games on.

However, I still like to play games, listen to music and organise things so when a mate was telling me about her new toy, an iPod Touch, I was instantly hooked. I got together an awful lot of stuff - DVDs, CDs, the iPod and Organiser mentioned above and a couple of computer games and sold them. Then I emptied my money box where I collect £2 coins and voila, enough money to get me an Ipod Touch too.

And I'm hooked. I've loaded up my music, added a pic of Lia as my wallpaper, downloaded an App that will allow me to build up a database of my stash and started to add my address book in. It's wi-fi enabled so I can check my email without logging onto the PC at home and I can surf the web (okay I haven't yet but the point is I could if I wanted!)

More than that I downloaded a sim game - Virtual Villagers 2 - and have been obsessively looking after them and building up my village.

Finally, I have one item that does everything I could want. I'm so not a gadget freak (I leave that to DH) but this one has really been a revelation for me.

And, even better than all of the above, when DH asked me what I want for my birthday next month I could ask for an iPod docking station! Normally I order some stash and he gives it to me. He doesn't mind so much but I know he'd prefer to be the one choosing and stuff so now he's in seventh heaven, he keeps emailing me asking questions which means he's doing what he does best, researching all the options and comparing the tiny technical details of each one before picking something.

To be honest, I'm not going to be that excited about the present other than I really need a docking station but knowing he's happy about it is the best thing.


tintocktap said...

Ooh you're tempting me here. I've managed to avoid ipods so far and use a iRiver mp3 player, mainly 'cos I can use it to read text files. Do you know if you can read text files on your ipod?

Joyus said...

I haven't yet investigated text readers but I'd consider it my duty to investigate and report for you :D

Paula said...

Ooh I'm very jealous as I can't justify buying a ipod touch whilst my current ipod is still going strong.

I do know you can view PDFs on ipods..


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