Thursday, 19 March 2009

Still Touching...

Thursday, 19 March 2009
Well I did a quick bit of research last night and it seems there is at least one text reader for the Touch - the Kindle iPhone app - and what's more, it's free.

I haven't begun to explore the full range of available apps yet. My main purpose (apart from obsessing about my little village) is to get my contact and calendar information on and then work on getting my stash list on there. When I say stash, what I mean is full lists of GAST, Weeks and DMC with what I have marked. Then minor lists of things I only have small amounts of like Anchor, Kreinik, etc.

Then fabric.

And then an ambitious projects list to show each project I have, what the requirements are and what I have or need

That'll take around six years I'm sure.

I've also noted a downside of my Touch which is that I now listed to my music at work (currently The Monkees) and have started tapping, and occasion dancing. Enough for my co-workers to mention it LOL. Still, as I said to them, there's always time to boogie and I'm sure they'd rather a happy Joy than a miserable one which I would be should anyone try and take my Touch off me.

In other, potentially less boring news, we're finally getting started on Lia's bedroom revamp. Tomorrow the electrician is coming in to move the ceiling light to the centre of the room (it's next to the window), put an extra socket in and move and replace the old sockets and light switch. Easter weekend is the big paint and paper weekend and her carpet is paid for an booked to be laid on 1st May. Oh and DH and I are going shelf and accessory shopping at IKEA the Thursday after Easter (we'll be dropping Lia at nursery on the way).

All that's left after that is for us to buy her bed but that will be done after the carpet is down, there's no rush. Plus we're asking for contributions to the cost for her birthday present and that's 1st June. Oh and I need to get on with all the soft furnishings. The curtains are more than half done and I intend to start on her quilt top this weekend. I'll probably make a start on her cushion covers too.

We've also got the builder coming tomorrow to sort out when they can come and fix up the front garden. The insurance company have appointed the building firm and agreed on the extent of the damage (for example there are two fence panels but the insurance will only replace one and the post because the second is undamaged, just leaning over because of the damage to the post) but we're going to get the builder to do a bit of extra work to complete the front garden as it seems sensible to do it whilst they're already working.

We had a couple of gardeners come round last weekend to give us quotes for clearing the back garden so we're just waiting for those and keeping our finger's crossed we can afford it. We want them to clear the garden completely and lay a lawn but it's a big job - several nasty tree stumps, an old pond to clear out and loads of brambles, rubble and debris everywhere. I have however accepted that if DH and I were to try and do it we'd be looking at the best part of 12 months work and I'd rather pay someone to clear things than have that amount of DH complaining!

ps Re the floss dye lot, a wonderful friend has posted me two skeins of Maple Syrup in the hope that one is a match (apparently they are both quite different) so all fingers are crossed here. Lisa your idea would be a good one if I hadn't completely finished the old skein before looking for the next one...



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