Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Pretty Fabrics

Wednesday, 22 April 2009
So here are my first 10 Baby Jane fabrics (you can click the pics for larger ones)

The colours are so me that I could have picked them myself! Each block is made with one of the coloured fabrics and a white fabric so whilst we all have the same fabrics (I checked with a friend who is also doing the BOM) the quilts will be all different because we can choose which fabric we use for which block - ie there are three orange blocks in this first batch and it's up to me which orange fabric I use for which block.

I'm now just waiting for the CD to arrive which I need before I can start. I ordered it last week so I'm hoping it will be here for the weekend.

In the meantime (in between painting and clearing up the house) I can get on with Lia's quilt. Here's a shot of the fabrics and in the foreground are the first two blocks. I need to applique the hearts on still. Basically every block will have one or more hearts appliqued on and the idea is to use the speciality stitches on the sewing machine as well as ribbon, ric rac, etc to decorate each heart. There's an awful lot of hearts so it won't be quick but I'm hoping to have the top done by her birthday on 1st June.

The blocks are all different sizes - ranging from 15" square to 5" square so it will be a very 'busy' quilt when it's done.

I should also confess that I've booked on some more quilting courses but they are at the end of the year. I booked two whilst I was at the class on Saturday and I'm about to book a third as they called and left a message that another class I really wanted to do has now been scheduled for a Saturday.

So I'll have a course a month September, October and November which is great. One is not strictly quilting, it's using fabric and embellishments and playing around ending up with a needlebook or a sewing pouch, the second is a scrap exchange quilt so everyone on the class swaps two fat quarters and uses those and other scraps to build a quilt top and the last one is called 'Seminole' which is a Native American inspired design.

The scrap exchange class is based on a quilt that was the cover design for Popular Patchwork Magazine February of this year - designed by the class tutor Mandy Monroe. I believe the Seminole quilt will be included in the magazine later this year too.


Sheila said...

WOW! Those fabrics for Baby Jane are mind-blowing :) Can´t wait to see this one grow.
And I love the hearts one you are making for Lia. Very pretty.
Am very envious of the courses you are going on - they sound such fun.

Gina said...

Oooh - I love it all!!!!! I do enjoy looking at your quilting projects - I can't believe how skilled you have become in such a short time!


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