Thursday, 23 April 2009

Working Hours

Thursday, 23 April 2009
So after discussion with DH and a check of our budget I put in a formal request to my Boss yesterday to drop my hours down to 22.5 hours a week which is three full days but spread them over five days so I will be working 9.30am - 2.30pm Monday to Friday.

This means I can do the school run at both ends of the day with no worrying about fitting in any working from home hours.

I'm really excited - I can't imagine not working but this is what I really want to be able to do, be a Mum first and fit my work around that. I'm lucky that I work in the NHS and flexible working is pretty much normal (and having a female boss who has worked around her children helps too).

DH is also happy because even though we talked about him moving jobs to be closer to home he really wants to stay where he is for now as he's enjoying it and they are starting to give him more responsibilities so he can see there is a chance for him to move up within the company at some point.

I'll be starting on 7th September which will be Lia's first day at school. I'm happy as well because it means I don't have to find a childminder and get Lia used to being around them at the same time as getting her used to being at school.

I'm looking forward to having more time with Lia too and it'll be bliss not to have to think of 'fast' dinner options because we get in at 5.20pm and we need to be eating in under 30 minutes. Our menu options can expand to include more than pasta LOL.

Roll on September!



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