Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Stash, stash, wonderful stash!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009
My Baby Jane BOM arrived today and the fabrics are GORGEOUS! I've opened it here at work so have no way of taking a picture of the fabrics but I will as the colours are amazing. It's definitely going to be a bright one!

I also ordered a mini rotary cuttery which arrived today too so now I can get on with finishing up Lia's quilt top as my large cutter wasn't really working with the template I'm using. I will also take a picture of the fabrics I'm using for that quilt as they're nice and bright and summery too.

Our house is still in a state of chaos as the painting of Lia's room is still not finished. DH has been working hard though and the gloss painting is done so tonight we'll work together to get the first coat of paint on the walls and then hopefully the second coat will go on tomorrow so we're just left with the skirting to paint and then fix on the wall.

We've got plenty of time though, the next carpet isn't being fitted until next Friday.

In other news the house sale is still dragging on, the contract exchange didn't happen Friday, was rescheduled for yesterday and didn't happen then either. Both parties are now at the end of their patience - the buyers are set to be moving in on Friday and the issue is down to their solicitor but they can't get in to see him until tomorrow so we can only hope that they give him a swift kick and get it sorted.

It's true what they say about buying and selling a house as being one of the most stressful things ever, this sale will probably see us all off!



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