Monday, 11 May 2009

A Lovely Weekend

Monday, 11 May 2009
Well the weather has been really kind to us recently, glorious sunny days and, according to the forecasters, we're going to have a sunny summer (although given their track record that probably means howling gales and snow!)

We had new external doors fitted on Friday and we replaced the horrible old sliding patio door with french doors and they look fab. Yesterday I was able to open them and let the sun shine into the kitchen where I was quilting for a lot of the day. It's amazing what a huge difference something so relatively small can make - it was hard for me not to just sit there and gaze out into the garden. DH cut the lawn and then was running around taking pictures of Lia and the guinea pigs who were all making the most of the garden too.

Saturday morning was spent out and about doing various jobs - buying the mattress and sheets for Lia's new bed, trips to DIY stores, etc and then DH got on with some of the work needed to complete her room (I can't believe I'm still saying it needs to be completed, the little things are just taking an age to finish!). We finally got her wardrobe and bookshelves back in the room which is a good start and her bed is being delivered today so we can put that together this weekend and I can finish putting all the stuff back into her room then.

This means that this weekend will be the huge house tidy up that has been required for several weeks now. Ever since we started doing Lia's room the house has slowly gotten worse and worse as we've had to just put stuff wherever there was a space and consequently it's just a total mess! Now Lia's stuff can all go back into her room I can start clearing up properly and we also have a spare chest of drawers now that I can use as storage so I can organise things a bit better. Add to that I want to have a bit of a sort out of stash asap and I can see I'll be very busy indeed next weekend.

I'm also going all out to get some quilting projects finished. I decided that I should try and finish as many things as possible that are outstanding before focussing on my Baby Jane. This means that I am currently trying to get the following done this month:

1. A Jelly Roll Bento Box quilt top
2. Layering and quilting a halloween quilt
3. Finishing Lia's birthday quilt top
4. Finishing a table centre piece
5. Finishing off the last jungle quilt top
6. Finishing off Lia's flannel quilt top

Yesterday I finished off a cushion cover kit I bought at the beginning of the month and spent most of the rest of the day stitching up the blocks for the Bento Box quilt. Oh and cutting out the hearts for Lia's birthday quilt.

And of course I also have to get plenty of stitching in too. I'm doing well with Scream House - three sides, the bottom and one roof panel of the outside are done leaving me with just one side and three roof panels to do by the end of this week. I should easily achieve that and hopefully the backstitching around all the panels too. It's the Eurovision Song Contest this Saturday and DH and I always watch it as well as the semi finals which are, I think, tomorrow and Wednesday. We love the cheesiness of it all but I have to say I'm a bit worried that it just won't be the same now Terry Wogan isn't doing the commentary. This jury's out on how good Graham Norton is going to be...

Anyway, all that cheesy singing means lots of stitching time in front of the TV!

If I get as much crafting in as I plan to over the next couple of weeks I'm hoping to start my Baby Jane blocks on the next UK Bank Holiday Weekend (23rd May for international readers) - we have no big plans so it'll just be lazing around the house I think, so plenty of time to focus on the teeny tiny blocks!

I also have a wall hanging quilt project to put together at the end of the month so that should be added to the list too. As I said, I'm having a quilting frenzy right now!

No pics of anything though as DH filled up the memory card on the camera filming Lia on her slide yesterday. I'll try and get some soon though - I haven't posted my rotation progress pics for April yet either...



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