Tuesday, 5 May 2009

What a Week!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009
Or strictly speaking, what a week and a half...

I woke up last Sunday with a lump in my throat, sore ears and a bit of a headache and that turned out to be the best I felt for almost a week! I was so ill by Monday morning that I had to ask DH to stay home to look after Lia (she is in nursery near my work so if I don't go to work DH can't get her to nursery as it's 19 miles away). I managed to get to the doctors to discover it was a throat and ear infection and so got some antibiotics and then spent the next 24 hours in bed.

DH was able to go to work on Tuesday but I spent most of the next three days lying pathetically on the sofa with Lia looking after me. By Friday I was finally feeling better but I'm still not 100% - I am back at work though as I'm just a bit snuffly.

Thankfully I was well enough to drive to a GTG with a couple of quilting friends on Saturday. The group of us who go away together for a long weekend every year have been commissioned to make a wall hanging for the place we stay at. Several people have stitched designs for it and four of us are doing the quilting part. We're a month away from the trip and I'm in charge of putting everything together so we can present it when we arrive.

So anyway this GTG was to discuss what needed to be done and decide on some fabrics. That part took approx 10 mins and we spent the rest of the day gossiping and shopping - there were two quilting shops close by so we visited both and I splashed out a little at the second one. I've definitely got my quilting mojo back now - it was flagging a bit - so this month the sewing machine will be working flat out to get lots of things done.

I got home about 8pm on Sat evening and called DH to see if he wanted me to bring some fast food as I was passing a couple of drive through places. He was eating his when he suddenly let out a yelp, when white and I thought he was going to pass out - his tooth had broken in half! We'll, try finding some kind of emergency dental service at 9pm on a Saturday night. We phoned loads of places with no luck and eventually called a friend who had previously recommended his dentist.

He got his dentist to give us a call (we had met him previously at a party) and DH arranged for us to go and see him at 10am on Sunday morning. Only issue was that his surgery is an hour and a halfs drive away so we were up at 7am to make sure we weren't late and I was still quite knackered from the long drive the day before.

DH had his tooth looked at - it turns out it was likely caused by bad treatment a couple of years ago (a filling that never set correctly) and he'll be lucky if the tooth can be saved. Ian (dentist) did what he could for the first visit and DH will have to go back two or three more times for it to be finished off. I thought, given we were there, I'd ask Ian to have a look at my tooth which I though had been chipped and it turns out that it was infected so I had to have serious drilling and filling too. I'm not sure how I can go to the dentist without toothache and come out with it! Anyway, this exciting story of our teeth can be concluded with the information that we're both back there next Friday for more work (which means more money!)

Also, in the middle of all of this drama we had our garage broken into and some powertools stolen. I went downstairs on Sunday morning to give Lia her breakfast to eat while we were getting dressed and saw that the garage door was open. They'd forced the lock and nicked what was close at hand (the garage is a right state, if DH hadn't been working on stuff the day before they probably wouldn't have found anything). So I called the police and now have to call the home insurance to make a claim.

Finally, the third thing to go wrong was that I was paid incorrectly, I get £216 a month in childcare vouchers taken out of my wages before it comes to me and it's paid into an electronic account that I then use to pay Lia's nursery. This has worked correctly for four years but for some reason this month they took the money from my account but didn't pay it into the electronic account so I'm down £216 which is quite a significant sum.

On the upside we spent part of yesterday at a local craft fair and bought some nice garden furniture. Pictures to follow as it's not going to be delivered for another three or four weeks.

I also got a decent amount of stitching done last night for what seems the first time in weeks. I'm back working on Scream House and am determined to get the stitching finished this month. However, given all the other things I have to stitch on and all the quilting I want to get done I think I'm going to have to work on a way to invent more time!

Anyway, it's a short week at work, I'm feeling much better and my stitching and quilting mojos are kicking into overdrive so who know what I shall accomplish this month!


Kathy A. said...

Wow you have had quite a week. Glad to hear you are feeling better and that you were able to do at least a few stitches

Anonymous said...

Did you know you can actually take £243 per month for Childcare Vouchers? £216 was the old maximum which got raised a while back. You could make even more tax savings!

Joyus said...

Yes I do know about the higher maximum but DH gets the full amount and we don't need the extra.

I'm cancelling them in two months anyway as Lia will be starting school.

But thanks for the head's up :D

Erin said...

What a rough couple of weeks for you! I'm glad you are feeling better. So sorry about all the dental work (makes me shudder just thinking about it). {{{hugs}}} to all of you.


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