Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Baby Jane

Tuesday, 16 June 2009
I've added a progress widget to the right hand column of the blog so I can keep track of my completed Baby Jane blocks. It's a little sad looking right now with only one entry but I have completed three more blocks I just need to photograph them (yeah I know, my usual 'pics will follow' laziness!)

I've also done the preparation cutting and sewing for a further five blocks, I just need to locate my freezer paper so I can sort out the applique and cutting.

I'm pleased with my progress speed at the moment, if I settle down to it in an evening I can get one block completed and another to the point of applique which means that once I'm caught up I can easily get my ten blocks a month done and still manage my revised stitching rotation. Obviously some take more time - I'm certainly not looking forward to the triangle blocks! - but given how simple others are I guess it all evens out.

I also made the executive decision not to knock myself out to reproduce the blocks as exact copies. Often a block will require you to start by cutting four squares and sewing them together to make the background block just so you have seams in the same place as the original Dear Jane quilt. To be honest, life's too short, so I won't be going that far. I'm also not going to worry about reverse applique to get elements set as the original, all applique will be done as simply as I can using the needle turn method. I did toy with the idea of machine applique but I decided to go with hand sewing just because I prefer the look. I may change my mind at some point though LOL.

My game plan is to go for one foundation pieced block a session because some of them are so teeny tiny that they can drive you insane - each finished block is 4.5 inches square so when you have 27 pieces in a block you're working with some seriously small bits of fabric! At least I've finally got a real reason to love my Clover mini iron...


Sheila said...

Love those three blocks, especially Cathy´s Campfire - this is going to be incredible when eventually finished :)


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