Monday, 22 June 2009

Monday Monday...

Monday, 22 June 2009
We went to see the 30th Anniversary Show of War of the Worlds on Saturday night and it was spectacular! DH is a huge fan but I'd never heard the whole thing, I just knew the most famous bits, so I'd got the tickets for him really but I loved it! Not only was Jeff Wayne there conducting the whole thing, Justin Hayward and Chris Thompson reprised their original roles. I was totally blown away by Justin Hayward - I've always liked The Moody Blues but boy that man can sing and what a beautiful voice! I've told DH that if the Moody Blues tour the UK again we're going.

The downside of attending the show was the trip home on public transport which took 3 1/2 hours! It was 1.45am when we finally staggered into bed and I was up again with Lia at 7am. Consequently I didn't achieve much yesterday... If we ever go back to the O2 we'll drive for sure.

Today is a new week though and apart from coming down with the cold that Lia had last week I'm not feeling too bad, I caught up with some sleep yesterday. Plus it's Wimbledon and that always cheers me up - my only sorrow is that I'm stuck at work and not able to watch every minute of the TV coverage but I will see as much as I can - Lia's well trained and knows that when the tennis is on, CBeebies doesn't exist.

In other good news I emailed the lovely lady running my Baby Jane BOM yesterday to ask if there's any way to track my parcel and she said no but she would immediately make me up another kit and send it. How fantastic is that! I cannot recommend this BOM highly enough - it's posted on time, the kits are extremely generous (I could make at least two quilts from the fabric I've received so far) and the instructions are really clear. So if you're at all thinking about doing the Baby Jane and you like the rainbow version sign up at Twiddletails for the next session that starts in October.

Of course now she's sending a replacement, my first package is bound to turn up!


Kathy A. said...

How very nice of the quilt shop lady to replace your missing package. You are right though - that's usually when the missing one shows up. Hope that cold doesn't keep you down.


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