Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Getting Organised

Wednesday, 22 July 2009
As you've no doubt gathered our lives are going to change quite a bit in seven weeks time when Lia starts school. My working hours will drop from 7.5 hrs a day to 4.5 hrs a day and the whole family routine will change. For a start the alarm clock will go off a whole hour later LOL.

Anyway, the big change involves an overhaul of the routine we've lived with for four years - Lia will need to get used to five days at school rather than four at nursery, I'll have to get used to finishing work mid afternoon (although that's not going to be a difficult one!) and there'll be more activities at the weekends - ballet as a permanent fixture and Greek School three sundays a month.

We'll also be a teeny bit worse off - most of the drop in my wages is not as bad as it could be as we'll be losing the nursery bill every month but it will mean we need to manage our finances a bit better - household management will need to be included in the weekly routine just because we're pretty bad at keeping track of outgoings.

I'm also in a tidying up and organising mood as is DH which is good. I have started by tidying up this blog a bit - updating it with Lia's pic and removing all the blogs I read that haven't been updated for more than two months (I still have them all bookmarked though and check regularly to see if their authors are back blogging). I'm also going to include info on the books I'm reading and projects I'm working on in the side bars to keep me on track.

I should at this point confess that my rotation has been abandoned - you may have noticed that it has gone from my sidebar. I really enjoyed the rotation and at the beginning it really worked for me - I was motoring through things but then I signed up for the Baby Jane BOM, got more into quilting and ran out of time to do everything I wanted. I'm not quitting altogether, I will stil try and work on one WIP a month and also swap between one christmas and one halloween project a month but until I know how life is going to work out after September the strict rotation is no more.

I've also just signed up to Library Thing, or rather rediscovered the membership I set up months and months ago. I am going to catalogue all the books I have to read so I actually have a list to shame myself with LOL.

We're also compiling a list of jobs that need doing round the house that we have the materials for but just haven't gotten round to - painting the garage, boarding the loft, etc - and I'm hoping that we will be a bit more pro-active at getting stuff done rather than vegging out all the time!


Kathy A. said...

Wow, girl you have some serious organizing going on. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Erin said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Luke is starting Pre-K this year, and we have to get up nearly 90 minutes *earlier* than we have been. I've started getting him up an hour earlier this week to try and ease into it, but ugh!


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