Monday, 27 July 2009

Monday Morning Blues...

Monday, 27 July 2009
It's raining and cold yet again here. It's July for god's sake, surely it's not too much to ask that we have some consistently decent sunny weather for a few weeks a year?

DH has been sick for a week now - a hacking cough and catarrh - and Lia has been coughing and snuffling for weeks on and off. I spent most of yesterday with a dodgy stomach and still don't feel 100% today (although that could be due to the lack of sleep as Lia woke us at 5am as she had a nosebleed).

We're seriously discussing moving to Greece! We're off out there in three and a half weeks and we're going to look at jobs, property, etc, etc. I'm not saying we're going to be heading out there but when the weather is like this and we're all in desperate need of some vitamin D then a move gets more and more enticing.

However, once I've spent a few days in 45 degree heat I'll probably swear I'm never moving there ever as I'll expire in the heat LOL.

I seem to have spent the last four months constantly on the phone shouting at people about terrible customer service. The battle of Lia's bed has been a tough one and was only resolved when I wrote to the Managing Director - a four page tirade at their appalling customer service - although I have to say I'm not sure if it was the letter that cracked it as I have never had one response from the company in all the months since I ordered the bed (April 13th to be precise). I tried polite, angry, ranting, crying, threatening, begging their customer services for over 25 calls and several emails before the letter to the MD and not once did they contact me when they said they would, acknowledge any emails or the letter.

My advice to any of you reading this is do not buy anything, let alone a £500 bed, from the Great Little Trading Company as their customer service is non-existent. Throughout my whole crap experience dealing with them I have felt nothing but that they think if they just do nothing I'll give up and go away. They didn't know me that well...

Anyway, the correct colour of bed is being delivered this thursday and then I can completely ignore their existence other than to continue to warn everyone about shopping with them.

We also had to have our French Doors re-fitted due to the inital fitters doing a really bad job. That was DH's battle and has only just been sorted (the doors were originally fitted at the beginning of May).

Then there's the saga of my Mum's house sale which I'll admit, hasn't really involved any effort from us, but it was the longest, most hideous house sale agreement in the history of property and, after just over a year, it fell through at the beginning of June. However, we now have a new agent, a new buyer and a confident attitude so all fingers are crossed here that it is resolved in the next month.

So, it's moan, moan, moan here right now.

However, I'm sure that Tuesday will bring a more positive attitude from me so I can live up to my name and not scare away all of my readers...

I will, if nothing else, try and get some piccies posted as I got five Baby Jane blocks done at the weekend.


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