Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My 100th Post of 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009
It's a shame I don't really have anything momentous to post about LOL.

Still, one of my 2009 goals was to have more than 100 posts this year so unless I suddenly disappear I have managed just that. I'm not likely to be twice as talkative as last year though - I think another 86 posts before Christmas is unlikely!

One thing I would like to bring your attention to though is a new Designers blog called Among the Gum Trees. It's a group of nine designers who have put together a blog to advertise their designs but also to provide lots of lovely freebies for us all. It only launched this week but there is already a massive give away from them all and from 5th October there will be weekly Christmassy freebies for us to enjoy.

Other than that life is just ticking along nicely. We're now half way through our first week of school and part time work and all is still okay. Lia was much more confident in the playground this morning and chattier with the other children. I'm not sure quite why but there's a very uneven mix of boys and girls in her class - only 5 boys and 22 girls! Shame they're four, I'm sure the boys would appreciate it more in around 10 years LOL.

Also today is the birthday of one of the other girls in the class meaning she's the first to turn 5. It's strange thinking that it's another nine months till Lia will reach that milestone (and 11 and a half months till the youngest little girl in the class makes it). It's not until now that I've really considered how that age cut off for school can potentially be a negative for some children - little Billy Jo (the baby of the class) is so tiny compared to the rest of her class and her Nan was telling me how she's completely whacked out after just half days school.

Thankfully it seems Lia will be okay despite being one of the younger ones - she is so used to long days at nursery that a shorter school day is a treat! Not that she doesn't get tired mind you - it was a really long day for her yesterday and she was pretty bushed by the time we got home. In fact she asked for a cuddle half way home because she was tired - almost unheard of from her.


Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations on your 100th post of 2009. I'm glad Lia is getting on alright. I've noticed my two boys are more tired now that they are back at school and they are 11 and 8 lol.


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