Friday, 25 September 2009

Time certainly flies!

Friday, 25 September 2009
So here we are at the end of the second week of my new working hours and all I can say is it's fab! Lia and I have a great routine worked out for the mornings that means we're ready on time with no rushing and DH just gets himself ready and out of the house - his alarm goes off an hour before mine so he's usually gone before I get up.

All in all things slotting nicely into place. Lia seems to be making friends and is definitely happy at school. She was extremely chuffed on Wednesday because she was allowed to ring the school bell in the morning. She just went up to the Head Teacher and asked if she could do it and the head said yes.

I'm getting better acquainted with my new 'Mum Group' too which is nice. Three of the other four walk past our house on the school run so we walk home with them (I drive Lia to school as I have to get to work straight from there). Tonight we're going to the park after school and we've already started chatting about play dates. The all have girls too and they do all seem to get along (for now, I'm sure it won't be long before there's mini dramas between them LOL).

I'm also pretty sure I have most of the kids names now it's just putting them to faces. And then of course also learning Mums and Dads too - I'm thinking of starting a list.

Work is okay but busy - I've been out and about at lots of meetings recently which has added nearly 400 miles on my travel in the last two weeks so most evenings I'm completely knackered and just curl up on the sofa in front of whatever is on the TV. I have done a little stitching and am itching to get back to quilting so I'm hoping my energy levels start to pick up next month.

We have a busy weekend coming up - Lia's ballet tomorrow morning and then off to see friends then a School Church Service on Sunday morning after which friends are coming to ours. The school has a family service at our local church every third Sunday of the month which is very useful because the Greek Church / School runs every Sunday except the third Sunday of the month because they hold a Ukranian service on those days.

It seems that despite my position as a non-believer (or at least a non-believer in organised religion) I will be attending Church for quite some time to come! Still, I think it's important for Lia to have religion as part of her upbringing, especially the Greek part as she is so removed from that part of her heritage.

I've started looking around for swimming lessons for her - I am vaguely embarassed she's not learned to swim yet and it's all down to me not being that keen to be seen in public in a swimming costume which is dumb. So I intend to change my mental attitude and get her in the pool pronto. Whilst looking around for swimming classes I've discovered several gymnastic classes too so I'm wondering if she'd like to do something like that as well. Now we have a couple of hours free every afternoon it's a good opportunity to get her doing more things and several of the other girls do them as well.

Have a good weekend everyone!



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